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Best Airless Paint Sprayer 2020

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Everyone wants to save time, right? Even then, painting large areas just by your hand is not only difficult but also tiring and unreliable. When the quality and scale of the project is extremely high for a brush to handle, the only thing to trust is the best airless paint sprayer.

A good airless paint sprayer guarantees a consistent and even coat on whatever you are spraying. In fact, what is important in this case is not simply getting the job done but getting it done right. All that is required is only making the right move to get the best airless paint sprayer.

The good news is only that there are a plethora of airless paint sprayers currently on the market to choose from! The bad news is just that it can be really overwhelming to pick that best sprayer that will suit all your needs.

In general, paint sprayers are of three types: Airless, High volume low pressure, and compressed air. Compressed air is those that require an air compressor so as to use them while the HVLP sprayers use steady steam to blow the paint onto whatever that is being painted.

Airless paint sprayers are advantageous due to the fact that they offer a more portable solution when painting some have wheels on their frame hence you can take it over a long distance. Also, they can take paint directly from the can and depend on some other factors you won’t need a screen before you feed it.

Without more to say, we get straight to the best airless paint sprayers that you can consider.

 Top-Rated Best Airless Paint Sprayers

Graco Magnum X5

If you wish to do it yourself, then Graco Magnum X5 is the sprayer you need. It is extremely portable, lightweight, and easily stored when done with the day’s work. The sprayer has a knob that you can use to adjust between different pressure settings.

It is cost-efficient and also has a high-speed performance. Also, it has an adapter that you can connect to your garden hose for faster cleaning.

It is made of a durable and sturdy metal construction that makes it last for long hence you will get a sprayer with a guaranteed use for a long period of time- with good maintenance.

The unit is easy to use and can paint with any coating type. A handle at its top side allows being picked by even one hand easily. It also has a pressure sensitive trigger that allows maximum control.

It comes with a warranty of one-year meaning it is a quality product produced.


  • Can lose suction when paint gets low in the bucket
  • Doesn’t swivel on the hose

Graco Magnum X5

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HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo 2800

The HomeRight finish max C800766 is a budget-friendly sprayer. It offers indeed a great versatility. It has an adjustable spray control with 3 different spray patterns (circular, horizontal and vertical) to mean you can choose the correct output that your project requires.

The spray needle is durable as it is made from brass. The sprayer is generally made of plastic which makes it low in weight hence comfortable to use. It is cheap and efficient-just perfect. It can fit into your hand as it doesn’t have a motor, compressor or anything else on the side.

The nozzle has 3 adjustable positions that allow you to take horizontal, circular or vertical painting just in an instant. You are also able to control the spray as the trigger has got a really simple controlling mechanism with a high capacity and strength for painting.

It can use any paint type, including chalk, latex, stain based and cabinet paint. If you have ever painted then you know what cleaning means, but with HomeRight finish max, cleaning is absolutely easy.


  • Instructions are not the best
  • Requires thinning of thicker paints

HomeRight Finish Max C800766

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Graco Magnum 262805 ProX7

If you choose to go for portability or power, Graco Magnum proX7 has it all. It is really quick and very reliable and has an option of adjusting the pressure to that you need.

It has a set of wheels as well as a handle which makes it fairly portable. It requires no thinning of the paint hence saves you effort and time. It can easily be connected to the garden hose for an easier and quicker cleaning. It also has a ‘reverse-A-clean spray tip that helps clear the blocked tips.

Comes with a one year warranty-a disappointing feature given the quality and price of the sprayer, though.


  • Heavy
  • A 1-year warranty isn’t generous
  • Cleaning can take time but still worth it

Graco Magnum 262805 ProX7

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 Wagner ProCoat Stand Airless Sprayer

Wagner ProCoat stand airless sprayer is a good option especially for specific purposes. It is a sprayer that can handle both latex, lacquer, varnish and other similar things that are much thicker than the paint.

The other sprayers CAN spray them but often they suffer for it. The ProCoat is designed specifically for those and as well does paint just fine.

It has a great horsepower for an efficient work as well as has a high flow rate making spraying even easier and faster.


  • It is expensive
  • Hard to clean as it lacks a power flush

Wagner ProCoat Stand Airless Sprayer

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Graco TrueCoat 2 Paint Sprayer

Graco TrueCoat 2 paint sprayer delivers a magnificent finish without requiring a material thinning. It also supports a .017 tip.

It has a per durance piston pump that delivers double the life of a TrueCoat 2. It as well features the ProControl which allows an easy adjustment for the spray pressure so as to improve control as well as reduce the overspray when spraying thick or thin materials.

It has a tilt-N-spray flexible pendulum tube that allows one to spray in all directions and virtually uses all the material that is in the cup.

It can let you spray a variety of coatings from heavy latex to stains and acrylics. It simply helps to complete the small painting projects so fast.

The cordless model has a powerful 20v Li-ion battery for more performance. It also includes a pump armor startup or simply a storage kit.

Graco TrueCoat 2 Paint Sprayer

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Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro High-Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

The Titan High-Efficiency Airless paint sprayer features an HEA (High-Efficiency Airless) technology which helps to reduce the overspray hence will give you a finish that is extra consistent, softer spray and better control.

It has an HEA pump that has .60 horsepower meaning you will have a powerful sprayer working for a long period of time.

The sprayer also features a fluid section which is replaceable hence maximizing the life of your sprayer. You will also like its warranty as it is one of the best and longest in the industry at 2 years.

A reflow pusher valve in this sprayer ensures that priming is at the maximum. It is easy to handle and use and if you are a newbie it will take out the fear. Its pump lasts longer than the similar sprayers in its category.


  • Has a relatively shorter hose
  • It is a bit expensive

Titan ControlMax 1700

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 Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590

This is a hand-held sprayer type that can virtually be used for every indoor and outdoor project. It has an X-Boot turbine which generates great power that is unmatched. It as well offers low overspray with a control which is adjustable.

It features two nozzles that can perform any painting type. They include a detail finish nozzle best for the fine finishing as well as small projects and also the iSpray nozzle which offers a broad surface spraying finish.

It is light and quiet hence offers an advanced user comfort. It can spray unthinned interior and exterior urethane, latex, oil-based paints and stains.

It is efficient as it can spray 8 gallons of paint just in each hour-it really saves time. It has a flexible and powerful solution for painting.


  • Getting rid of the spatters may be difficult
  • When used by newbies there is a terrible over spray

Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590

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Campbell Hausfeld Airless Spray

Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer is best suited for trim and larger interior projects. If you have an air compressor already, it is the most recommendation option.

It has two ergonomic guns which offer great value to even the ambitious DIYers. Simply, you’ll have a larger coverage gun as well as a smaller gun giving a detailed work.

The guns have pressure regulators hence guaranteeing an even supply no matter the type of compressor cycles.

It comes with a one-year warranty but the motor and the pump has a lifetime warranty. The 1 HP motor means it can work any kind of standard 110v outlet.


  • Spray caps are expensive
  • Lacks an easy clean capability

Campbell Hausfeld Airless Spray

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Krause and Becker 5/8 HP 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Kit

Krause and Becker’s airless sprayer is one of the powerful units that are affordable. It has a very simple design and also focuses on power making it ideal for do-it-yourself projects.

It contains a 5/8 HP motor that has about 3000 PSI output. It also has an easy-to-handle metal gun that has an inbuilt filter decreases build-up as well as allowing a smooth paint flow.

It also features controls that are easy to use hence you can adjust the pressure more easily. The stainless steel that it’s made up of makes it corrosion resistant and also keeps the paint smooth.

This unit is also versatile as it has interchangeable tips with a reversible 517 tip for the post-job cleanup. It handles latex and acrylic-based paint and not texture-based material or filler.

The unit is also lightweight for easy portability. It has a durable spray gun which has an inbuilt filter and also a trigger-lock allowing easy cleaning and flushing.

Krause and Becker paint sprayer

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 Tack Life SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun Paint Sprayer

The Tack life sprayer features a canister, a spray gun, a cleaning needle, a funnel, 3 spray nozzles and a brush. The different spray patterns and nozzles mean you can have various painting options.

Using this unit gives a smooth coat which has no streaks. The container can hold up to 900 ml of paint to almost 70 seconds hence gives more time painting than refilling.

The unit is lightweight and is 5.9 ft. hence it is portable. It can spray to 30 cm giving you more per each pass. It is also easy to clean as all the parts are removable. It as well comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Not ideal for latex paints
  • Not clear instructions
  • May require thinning of paint so as to use

Tack Life SGP15AC

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Best Airless Paint Sprayer of 2018 – Comprehensive Buying Guide

The market is so wide that choosing the best airless paint sprayer from a plethora of them can be overwhelming. The following are things you should consider when purchasing an airless paint sprayer.


Portability is not only necessary that you have to move place this place to another but also whether you are able to pick it up and move to someplace nearby.


Many sprayers have various adjustments for the thickness or volume of the paint. Some have different patterns or settings that are different for varnish and lacquer. You should keep in mind what you need.


You should first note the power type the sprayer uses. Some use electricity while others use fuel. What suits your needs is what the best is for you. Take into consideration the work types it will be doing too as you don’t need to keep on recharging or changing the battery while you are working.


Cleaning a paint sprayer after work is the messiest part one can explain to you. For instance, taking the head out of the gunk to clean it is difficult and very messy. A sprayer that allows attachment to your garden hose is a huge plus for cleaning.

Flow Rate

This has to do with the gallons the sprayer can dispense per minute. High flow rate can reduce the time for you to complete your task as it can be difficult to master. Consider a flow rate that you can be able to control and work with efficiently.

Hose Length

A longer hose will give you access to more areas of painting without stretching much with carrying the unit as you move. Consider the area you will be working in and make the right decision.


Warranty tells you much about the confidence of the manufacturer in its product. The longer the warranty time the higher the confidence a manufacturer has in that product and so do you.


All these are top rated airless paint sprayers that can get your job done perfectly. If you wish to do it yourself we recommend the Graco Magnum X5 as it is very efficient in its performance as well as portable and durable. For using any paint or when you won’t mind the directions of painting, then the HomeRight finish max C800766 is your best bet.


Painting is absolutely awesome when you have the correct paint sprayer. Not every airless paint sprayer can do you the trick you need, so be sure you do your research carefully before settling on a sprayer. Thankfully, we’ve made your work easier by providing the best sprayers currently in the market. Take your choice and enjoy your painting.

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