Best Bowfishing Lights in 2020 – An Extensive Guide for Buyers!

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Bowfishing is a wonderful activity that was once practiced to get food. But now, it has transformed into a recreational activity or hobby. Bowfishing also helps to introduce our children to the traditional archery and bow hunting techniques. It aims at the usual freshwater fishes such as Carp, Alligator gar, and Paddlefish. The best time for bowfishing is in the summer season.

That is why; you might have noticed several archers roving the seas during this period, carrying the best bowfishing lights and arches with them for hunting.

These are the Best Led Lights for Bowfishing to Buy in 2020

Image Product
  • Efficient cooling & long lifespan
  • IP66 waterproof rating Corrosion resistant
  • Save up to 80% electricity bill of lighting
  • Super bright
  • 3 Year Warranty
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  • Long maintenance free life
  • Ip65 waterproof rating
  • Save up to 85% electricity bill of lighting
  • Ultra bright
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  • 360 degrees flexible adustment
  • IP66 waterproof rating Corrosion resistant
  • Up to 50, 000 hours lifespan
  • Super bright
  • 5-year friendly customer service
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  • Bright ray for clear visibility
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • High-quality heat conduction
  • Adjustable mounting racket
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  • User friendly metal bracket
  • Ip65 waterproof rating
  • Save up to 80% electricity bill of lighting
  • CE environmental certified
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When you hear the word ‘bowfishing’, you might only think of a fishing bow. But how would you hunt fishes at night, or in the darker areas? You cannot manage adequate illumination with a regular torch. That is where the role of bowfishing lights comes into play.

Bowfishing lights are meant for illuminating shallow waters, the darker places, or the seas at night. You can find an array of various best bowfishing lights, such as the LED lights, Halogen lights, and the High Pressure Sodium lights in the market. You can choose any of them according to your requirements.

The next time you go out for bowfishing, these lights will enlighten your boat, making your fish hunting experience a convenient and memorable one!

Ustellar 2 Pack 60W LED Flood Light

Ustellar 2 Pack 60W LED Flood Light


These are excellent floodlights that can be used for bowfishing. They come in a pair and each delivers 60W. You will find them nice and bright. The installation process is a bit straightforward thanks to the detailed manual. They have a lamp bracket on the back for easy mounting on the boat. The casing is made of die-cast aluminum. This makes it both fade and scratch-resistant. Also, the efficient cooling structure ensures that the heat is dissipated evenly.

The manufacturer has been around for many years focusing on creating light and sound equipment. Least to say, these lights are water-proof, no lead, no mercury, and no radiation.

Sansi 70W LED Outdoor Light

sansi outdoor light


Sansi LED Outdoor Light has an IP65 waterproof rating, making it ideal for bowfishing. It makes you feel confident when on the waters as it can withstand any storm or rain. It is super bright delivering 7,000 lumens. With 120 degrees wide beam angle, you are provided with a wide illumination range.

This bowfishing light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It has a patented ceramic heat sink technology and a hollow design that improves heat dissipation efficiency. Other than being used as bowfishing light, it can be used for garages, gardens, warehouses, studios, playgrounds, lawns, and workshops.

Nilight LED Light Bar

Nilight LED Light Bar


This our best bowfishing light that is designed to improve brightness during the night. I highly recommend it because of its high-quality and affordable prices. The decent design and size offers it an excellent appearance when it is installed on a boat. It has an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours.

With 10pcs cooling fans and die-cast aluminum casting, you are assured of fast heat dissipation. Since you are going to use this light bar on the waters, the improved waterproof design is necessary. For instance, it features a waterproof rubber pad that tightens the gaps and increases waterproof ability.

You can install this led light on a boat, skiff, yacht, ship, or freighter to enhance illuminating brightness of the voyage. In fact, the LED light is efficiently waterproof, anticorrosive, and dustproof. With this light, you have super bright view area to see clear at night.

You can also use Nilight LED Light Bar for equipment lighting and household lighting. For example, you can use it as garden, garage, backyard, and indoor lighting. The bright surrounding is good for you to enjoy your fun time.


  • Long lifespan
  • High-quality
  • Bright
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-corrosive

Cutequeen 4 X 36w 3600 Lumens Cree LED Spot Light

Cutequeen 4 X 36w 3600 Lumens Cree LED Spot Light


With these floodlights you get a total of 3600 lumens with a guaranteed lifespan of 50000 hours. Before the product is released to the market, it undergoes a rigorous burn-in testing. The housing is made of die-cast aluminum and the mounting bracket made of stainless steel. Toughed glass makes it a durable unit ready to withstand the rigorous that come with bowfishing.

LEDMO 50W LED Waterproof Flood Lights

best low maintenance bowfishing light


LEDMO 50W LED Waterproof Flood Lights is one of the most cost-effective flood light that you can ever find in the today’s market. Their longevity is recommendable, and once you get yours, you will never have to worry about buying another one soon.

In fact, you can buy it once for a lifetime as you are not likely to experience any problems with your floodlights that can imperil its functionality.

It is also good to note that the LEDMO 50W LED Waterproof Flood Lights is absolutory safe to use. This is because it is certified by the relevant bodies, a sign that it is environment-friendly.

Apart from the fact that it has perfect brightness, the installation process is simple and easy. Anyone can complete the installation process within a short time. This is attributed to the fact that the floodlights come with metal bracket lamp body that makes it possible for you to do the installation quickly and effectively.

With LEDMO 50W LED Waterproof Flood Lights all your lighting requirements are met.

6K LED 427S LED Square Work Light Lamp

6k led fishing work light lamp


6K LED 427S LED Square Work Light Lamp is what you need to solve your lighting problems. It is designed to give you the maximum services that you can rarely find elsewhere. However, it is good to understand that when ordering these products, you must check out for “6KLED” logo just to make sure that you are buying the right product.

A genuine 6K LED 427S LED Square Work Light Lamp is considered among the top quality products on the market. The lifespan offered by this product is above 30, 000 hours. Other features to note as far as 6K LED 427S LED Square Work Light Lamp is concerned includes;

  • 250 lumen
  • Current: 1.125 @24v, 4.3 ; 2.25A @12v.

When buying 6K LED 427S LED Square Work Light Lamp, you should always ensure that you get yours from a seller offers about 36months guarantee. This is a sign that you are dealing with someones who sells genuine products.

GLW 10w 12v Ac or Dc Warm Waterproof Outdoor White Led Flood Lights

glw warm white led outdoor lights


Whether you want to illuminate your boat or just for other uses, GLW 10w 12v Ac or Dc Warm Waterproof Outdoor White Led Flood Lights, is just the best option. Those who have used this product before will confirm to you that the frame is excellent and there is nothing better than that.

Another good thing to note with GLW 10w 12v Ac or Dc Warm Waterproof Outdoor White Led Flood Lights is that they are not likely to cause you any harm. They are less fire hazardous, and they are easier on your battery than you can imagine.

Most people love buying products that are of good quality so that they are sure that it will last them long enough. This is what GLW 10w 12v Ac or Dc Warm Waterproof Outdoor White Led Flood Lights is all about.

Installing and operating it is just a simple process that will never take any of your time. This one is worth your money, and you will never have reasons to doubt that.

Richday 2pcs LED 100W Outdoor Super Bright Flood Light

richday led flood light


Are you tired of buying floodlights that will make you stop in the middle of the night and start changing bulbs? If your response is yes, then Richday 2pcs LED 100W Outdoor Super Bright Flood Light is what you need. It is not only known for its efficiency, but also for it is the ability to last for many years.

When it comes to power consumption, power companies do not like these types of floodlights for obvious reasons; they are designed to save a lot of energy.

Also, the fact that it is a general purpose flood light has made it very popular all over the world. It can be used for commercial light, security light, decorate light or even work light.

The die-cast aluminum is meant to ensure that there is a perfect dissipation of heat and this is important as it ensures that the floodlight is safer and more durable. Also, you will never have a hard time having the flood light installed as it can be installed from almost any angle that you find convenient.

Hydro Glow Fishing Premium Lights

hydro glow premium fishing lights


If fishing is your thing, then Hydro Glow Fishing Premium Lights can help you make a significant step in your fishing profession. They are designed to work best both underwater and above the water.

One important thing that you may want to understand about this product is that they have greater fish attracting capability than any flood light that you can imagine of.

Hydro Glow Fishing Premium Lights makes use of LEDs to enhance your fishing experience. You do not want to experience a situation where you are in deep waters with the intention of catching fish, but that is made hard because of the type of floodlight that you are using.

By choosing Hydro Glow Fishing Premium Lights, things like water depth, the desired appearance of the illuminated area, clarity and boat traffic will never be your problem. To be precise, your fishing experience will just be desirable.

Morsen 200W High Power 4 LED Flood Lights

morsen led flood lights


This is floodlight model that is affordable and offers versatility in solving the existing energy guzzling HID specifications. Morsen 200W High Power 4 LED Flood Lights are here to replace the HPS products, Metal Halide and Mercury Vapor products of up to 600w. You can mount this item on a basketball or football court, backyard garden and the parking lot, among other places.

Energy Saving: It contains a Led Light source of 4 pcs with more power Epistar chips which help to save power as compare to lamps.

Versatile: They have a Waterproof IP 65 which is suitable several indoor and outdoor lighting needs. They can be installed in a garage, sports court, driveways, hotel hall, parking lots, backyard garden etc.

Easy to install: They can be installed vertically or horizontally because they offer a wider beam angle of about 120
Longer Lifespan of about 50000-10000hours with the absence of mercury, IR, UV AND deleterious radiation. Render excellent color index and weighs about 5kg and has a measurement of 385X160X285mm.

SOLLA 60W LED Outdoor Security Flood Light

solla led flashlight


Quality: Solla floodlights have a premium quality that embraces premium waterproof IP EPISTAR Chip. It is often considered a Super Bright Floodlight which works best as an outdoor Spotlight

Saves up to 80% of your electricity bill because it is energy efficient. Solla floodlight is made of an aluminum body lined with a tempered glass to resist any impact.

It has a yoke-style arm that can be adjusted in all directions and angles. Have many application settings with a fixture that is designed with a heat sink fin type to dissipate heat.

It offers a wider angle beam of 120°. This renders more brightness with a shadow-free light. Voltage: 110 Volts. Connection wire is Blue (white), Yellow/Green (Ground) and Red/Brown (Black).

Has an extremely long lifespan which reduces its re-lamp frequency and saves your money. Its lifetime exceeds 50,000 hours and has an unlimited warranty of 12 months.

Waterproof rate IP65: it interfaces with a LED EPISTAR Chip which is embedded with a rubber ring to make a perfect option for all weather conditions and various environments.

Glotech 8PCS 4″ 48W Led Light Bar, 12V Square Flood Beam

glotech fog driving lights


Has a total of 48W LED power. Its operating voltage is DC 10V-30V. Glotech 8PCS 4″ 48W Led Light Bar offers a flood beam pattern of 60 degrees with a wider illumination angle.

It is made up of a 3 W/pcs Epistar bulb of high intensity with 5280 lumens. This helps to produce bright lights. Its wattage is 48 watts and 12 volts.

Has great water resistance rate of waterprooIP67. It is 100% dustproof and rustproof. Its die-cast aluminum housing and mounting bracket guarantee you a minimum of 30,000 hours operating time frame.

It includes an 8X48W LED light with a 1-year warranty on its parts. The Item weighs about 4 pounds. Product measures 4.3 x 2.8 x 4.3 inches and requires no folding. Has an Optional flood beam pattern of 60°.

NAP Apache Bowfish LED Predator Stabilizer

nap apache predator bowfish led stabilizer


You can shoot both hogs and predators at any time of the day with the help of the brand new NAP Apache Bowfish LED Predator Stabilizers. They light up the way to deliver an excellent low light illumination of up to 100 yards.

The Apache Bowfish Predator stabilizer has a water-resistant construction. This makes it a much durable scratch resistant stabilizer. It also contains a black anodized finish that gives it a long lifespan. Mostly, it comes with a warranty of 1 year.

It has a much high Powered Green 3watts Cree LED and an Apache Vibration Dampening setting. Also, it weighs about 0.375lbs. It is also 6″ Long. The Product measure 6.9 x 2.4 x 9.9 inches with 9.3 ounces. Has a remote activated tactical Switch and it is powered by the CR123 battery.

YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar 2Pcs 27W Round LED Light Pods

yitamoto bowfishing lights


This product is manufactured by YITAMOTOR under the same brand name. It is a 4inch Off Road Rounded LED light with a 9PCS x 3Watts. Has a high power LED total of about 27W at a 6,000K Temperature?

Its high power ability renders it powerful in lighting the entire road ahead of you. This gives drivers a safe and comfortable driving entertainment at night.

PERFORMANCE: It has a die-cast aluminum housing that gives it more life and strength. It as well has an upgraded PC lens surface of a high light transmission. Its waterproof rate is IP67. It is also dustproof and shockproof.

Offers a great heat dissipation since it is specially designed with a die-cast aluminum alloy with an effective heat sink to extend its lifespan to over 50,000 hours. It as well contains an adjustable mounting bracket to make the changing of the direction of its beams of light easier.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Bowfishing Lights

After you decide to buy a bowfishing light, you will be a little perplexed as to how to select the best one. You will find a plethora of best bowfishing lights in the market – all bearing impressive specifications, and delivering superb performance. So how would you choose yours?

Various features demand your attention before you buy a bowfishing light. The below parameters will help you decide which bowfishing light suits you the best.

The Type Of Light Bulb

The first thing to consider before buying a bowfishing light is the type of bulb. Predominantly, three types of bulbs are available in such lights. Each light bulb comes with its own pros and cons. Let’s take a look on what these bulbs types are:

LED Lights

LED lights are the preferred choice for most anglers. These lights can be easily installed on your boat and can penetrate various waters easily.


  • Works on batteries
  • Various light options


  • Maybe an expensive selection

Halogen Lights

If you focus on the light penetration, bulb’s performance, and ease of availability, then halogen lights could be the right choice for you. Halogen lights work best for all water conditions.


  • Easily available at all hardware stores
  • Efficient performance


  • Requires more energy

High Pressure Sodium

If you plan to confine yourselves to murky waters, then HPS lights work best for you. As they are light in weight, carrying HPS lights is way easier.


  • Lightweight bulbs
  • Best for murky waters


  • Needs more energy

Brightness Levels Of Your Bowfishing Light

Light brightness is another parameter that may affect your choice. Lights with more lumens (unit for measurement of light) tend to be brighter.

To calculate lumens for a light, you can convert wattage into lumens. 100W are equal to 1500 lumens.

Power Source For The Light

Depending on your boat size and the duration of bowfishing, you may be a bit choosy about the power source. Different bowfishing lights work on different power sources.


Though halogen lights are bright, they may not be the best lights for bowfishing as they require a power source that can provide more energy. Moreover, they usually have shorter bulb life.

High Pressure Sodium

If you are planning for long expeditions, and have large boats, only then you can consider HPS lights. These lights provide good illumination but require heavy generators as a power source. Moreover, setting up HPS lights is also a tricky thing.


LED lights are probably the best lights for bowfishing. They work on DC. Hence, you can light them up with batteries. Setting up LED lights is also easier, and does not affect your journey due to their lightweight.

Bowfishing Light Voltage

If you are planning to buy an LED bowfishing light, then you can make your selection on the basis of voltage too.

  • 12 Volt DC – Works best for small boats where you need few bulbs
  • 24 Volt DC – If you need more light sources, then adding 12 DC battery to your current 12 DC setup will work best for you.
  • 120 Volt DC – Though this setup is a bit tricky and requires careful installation, it works best for large boats and longer expeditions


After you have chosen your desired bowfishing light, the next step is to install it to your boat. And, for this, you need to look up for the appropriate power source. Since it is a onetime investment, you should choose the best bowfishing lights that are easy to set up and work well with your power source.

You can use Ohm’s law to calculate the power required to drive your lights. According to Ohm’s law (P=I*E), by dividing the bulb’s wattage (P) with the circuit voltage (E), you will get the required load (P). For instance, for 500W lights working on 24V, you need 20.83 Amp of power.

After determining the power source, you now have to start setting up the wiring on your boat to connect the lights. Keep it in mind that the wires have a 20% more rating than what you calculate from Ohm’s law.


If we consider all the features offered by various bowfishing lights, then we can see that LED lights successfully outnumber others. Using LED lights provides several benefits, such as

  • Light in weight. Hence do not add weight to your boat
  • Easy to install with minimum energy sources
  • Most LED lights work seamlessly well on batteries
  • Require minimum circuitry. Thus, least chances of short circuit and other such accidents
  • Offer more water resistance
  • Offer various color options (cool white, warm white, and yellow) that work best for different conditions


There is no particular criterion to decide about which bowfishing light is the best. You will find a range of lights available in the market, all claiming to deliver the best performance. However, certain features make some bowfishing lights rate better than others.

Light sources, bulbs, ease of installation, power exhaustion, light colors, your boat size, and the duration of your trip, all these factors play an essential role in deciding which bowfishing light will meet your needs.

We have attempted to present a comprehensive review of the 10 best bowfishing lights which may certainly be a choice for you as well. But, if you are looking for some other lights, we have explained the parameters by which you can choose the right bowfishing light for you.

We hope it will now be much easier for you to make your purchase. Happy bowfishing!


Q: I have installed cool white LED lights on my boat. Can I replace them with some other colors?

A: LED lights are the best choice for the most DIY people. They are easier to install, and you can easily replace the bulbs with your desired color according to your need.

Q: When should I choose the warm white bowfishing light?

A: Warm colored lights, such as the amber or yellow lights, work best for stained waters. The color of these lights makes them penetrate more in stained waters.

Q: Can I add more bulbs to a 12 DC voltage setup?

A: 12 DC voltage setup is suitable for small boats where you do not need much light. Adding more bulbs to this setup will drive more energy. We recommend you to upgrade your setup to 24 DC if you need more lights.

Q: What does lumen mean?

A: Lumen is the unit for the measuring the brightness levels of lights. The more lumens a light offers, the brighter will be its illumination.