Best Cat Litter For Odor Control – Ultimate Guide, Reviews & Ratings 2020

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Cats are naturally clean animals and they require fairly low maintenance. In addition, they are regarded as precisely the cleanest indoor pets since they spend most of their time sleeping and grooming themselves. This solid character makes them choosy in most cases, for instance, the choice to use their litter box.

Fortunately, every pet owner loves his or her pet just like their own kids. And for that reason, most people try to make their cats as comfortable as possible but they often forget about getting the right litter due to lack of information.

Cats being naturally picky, they can choose to ignore their litter box and use your rag due to bad smells from low-quality litters. Therefore, you need to do an extensive research before making any order from either an online or offline selling platform.

There are many brands in the market and each of them has a distinguishing feature that makes it unique from other makes. This guide contains the top ten high quality and most effective cat litters for odor control. Keep reading to identify a brand that will suit the needs of your lovely cat.

Top Ten Best Cat Litter For Odor Control

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat: Bet Cat Litter for Odor Control

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra precious is among the most commonly used and best performing smell control cat litter in the market. It is well priced on every selling platform. Apart from being affordable, it is loved by many because of its great clumping and odor elimination ability.

It has a high absorption ability which makes it be a worthwhile investment. Its clumps are hard and do not break easily into small pieces like some other cat litter brands.  Although this litter is unscented, it is able to keep the litter box fresh throughout. It is also most people’s favorite because it is a dust free cat litter product.

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter

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World’s Best Cat Litter, Quick Cat Clumping Formula

Just like its name suggests, world’s best cat litter is currently the world’s best litter product in the market. I wish people understood how spending that extra penny could reward promptly. Quality is always in a direct proportion to the price.

However, much this product goes for a price that is slightly higher than average prices of other products, it guarantees you the best results. Its prices have been sliced and now everybody is undoubtedly buying this product. This brand has many other products under its wings and all of them clump really well.

Therefore, you do not have to keep changing the litter from time to time after each use. It has a good long lasting smell with less dust which makes a cat to spend most of its time in the litter box. However, it is recommended that the litter should be replenished after every two weeks.

In short world’s best litter is has a great odor control, safe for the septic systems, and lasts for quite a long period. However, these products can easily attract bugs if you do not do regular replenishing and cleaning.

World's Best Cat Litter, Quick Cat Clumping Formula

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Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Fragrance-Free Clumping Litter

There is no complete list without any of the Arm and Hammer super cat litter product. I would like to recommend you to specifically buy an Arm and Hammer Clump and seal multi-Cat litter because it can serve you better whether you have one or more than three cats.

If you are a cat owner who tames two or three of them, you definitely apprehend the struggles of keeping a litter box clean. It is advisable to keep each cat on its own litter box in order to reduce the hassles of cleaning, clumping, and reduction of fecal and urine smells. This product is particularly the best choice for people who own more than one cat. It comes with a seven days free odor guarantee.

This product is formulated to form hard clumps that do not break apart easily when cleaning. Its baking soda ingredient is used in reducing bad smells and making it entirely dust-free. It has a clean and strong smell that dissolves any foreign smell from the cat’s waste.

Arm and Hammer Super Scoop Fragrance-Free Clumping Litter

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Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Cat Litter

The ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Cat Litter excels so much in the elimination of all sorts of odors. Most Ever Clean cat litter buyers have testified how this product eliminates every smell as soon as their cat defecates or urinates in the litter box. One unique thing about this product is that it is not scented.

It is able to eliminate the smells yet it does not contain fragrance or scent. Actually, when litter from the box fuses with ammonia from cats waste it smells worse than the cat’s urine alone. It is also easy to clean and clump properly.

Definitely, this product is most people’s favorite since it is designed to provide a powerful clumping ability. For avid users, it is very easy to for them to scoop the litter box for several times a day. Since the cat litter clumps well together, you simply located the point where your cat’s feces and urine is situated and remove that part carefully.

Also, this product contains a mixture of antimicrobial agents and activated carbons that guarantee you a free-odor litter box all day long. Its price is also very friendly. So what are you waiting for? Check out this product and purchase it now.

Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Cat Litter

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Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter

This one of the most amazing all natural cat litters in the market right now. Actually, its natural nature makes it one of the cat owners’ favorite. The natural approach that is employed during the manufacturing of this product makes it the best choice for those people who are allergic and sensitive to chemicals.

It is scent free, deodorants free and free from plant proteins that might harm your feline. It is affordable across all online supply platforms. In addition, it has a very low percentage of dust. Most litters formulas cause a big deal of dust that makes you uncomfortable in the room.

If you make a blind order you could be exposing your lovely feline to harmful dust particles. Therefore, when you choose this product you will be able to minimize the risk of harming your cute cat.

Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter

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Blue Buffalo Cat Litter

Apart from all natural Precious Cat Premium Clumping Cat Litter, the Blue Buffalo Cat litter is another great natural formula. Actually, if your cat does not use recycled paper then it is significant for you to check out the Blue Buffalo Natural Fresh cat Litter. This is definitely a great choice because it is able to draw the most finicky out of your cats.

Generally, cat litters are very cheap and this product is no exception thus you can get yours from as low as 20 dollars. The Blue Buffalo Cat litter is manufactured from walnut shells. They make it one of the safest formulas to the environment and even to your cat if it accidentally ingests its pieces. It is also 100% biodegradable. It can absorb three times better than other average litters.

Unlike other clay cat litters, it is rendered easy clumping and allows you do clean without difficulties. The only negative thing about this naturally made formula is that it produces a lot of dust. However, most overlook this con because it offers healthy and safe litter. This is a great choice for those cats that are picky.

Blue Buffalo Cat Litter

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Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Cat Pellet Refills

There are a number of Purina tidy cat litter products in the market and each of them has distinctive features which make it stand out. I decided to choose this particular product since it simply the best among all the Purina litters.

Most people are so desperate to get a litter product that caters to the all their odor control needs. Most have tried even the self-scooping machines. These people have never tried out the latest Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Cat Litter.

At first, most buyers were skeptical about this product because of its uniqueness. They kept wondering whether their cats would even use this system of pads and pellets. However, since they tried this product the sales have gone up because of its high performance.

Most reviews love it because it is affordable, easy to change and clean and high clumping ability. However, some people complain that its small granules spill all over the house on several occasions.

Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Cat Pellet Refills

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Neon Clumping Silica Gel Cat Litter, 4 lb. Orange

You have probably tried all the above brands in the market but you have not yet gotten the results that you expect. Perhaps this is the right time to try out this amazing product known as the Neon Clumping Silica Gel Cat Litter.

Many recent users of this product regard it as the sole cat litter that is able to make your cat enjoy every moment while on its litter box. You may have tried a spectrum of cat litters and even those brands but if you have not tried this product simply check it and purpose to buy it.

The Neon Clumping Silica Gel Cat Litter, 4 lb. Orange has the best qualities found in other popular brands. Just like the other top brands, the Neon cat litter contains a complete odor controlling crystals which are able to clump when your cat has released its waste. Actually, other average products clump tight yet you can still notice the litter box having yellow crystals that emit a harsh urine and fecal smell after a short while.

The cat litter art which is an Ultra cat litter works best but it is much harder than most people would think. The Neon Clumping Silica Gel Cat Litter employs very vibrant colors. It also makes the poop scooping exercise very fun and easy. Unlike most cat litters in the market, when you are using the neon clumping cat litter you will not dread cleaning the waste clumps out the litter box. The price of this cat litter product is directly proportional to how it works. Actually, try it and you will surely notice how it works perfectly.

Neon Clumping Silica Gel Cat Litter

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sWheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter

Another amazing cat litter that could help you to eliminate odors in your house is the sWheat Scoop natural cat litter. Basically,  this product is produced by an environmentally conscious cat Care System in Detroit Lakes and Minnesota in America.

The sWheat scoop cat litter is one the most affordable and naturally made product in the market. Just like how its name suggests, it is purely made from wheat. We are all advised to safeguard the environment and by using this product, you are able to do so.

This is because sWheat cat litter is biodegradable even after it is disposed of. Actually, it contains starch which makes the production of clumps very fast. It is also able to produce enzymes that are used to neutralize and eliminate odor from your cat’s urine feces.

Good news is that sWheat scoop cat litter is made from wheat it contains a very low percentage of dust, silica, and clay. This makes it a very good product for those who are sensitive and for those cats that are picky. However, the only negative thing about this cat litter is that it not great for absorbing moisture.

Therefore, you could find some waste residue at the bottom of the box in the long run.

sWheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter

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Cedarific Soft Cat Litter

We strongly recommend customers to embrace all natural cat litter products since we want to conserve the environment. For that reason, it could be better if you consider buying Cedarific soft cat litter which is an all-natural and biodegradable product. Actually, it is easily compostable since it is made from cedar chips and hardwood.

Cedarific cat litter is produced by an American innovator known as Northeastern Products. Almost all-natural products are dust free, silica free, clay fee and synthetic chemicals free and Cedarific is no exception. This is one specific cat product that is not only pocket-friendly but it is as well friendly to picky cats and sensitive people. It is also lightweight and long-lasting.

Cedarific is an excellent odor controlling cat litter which is also great for absorbing moisture. It makes the cleaning of your cat’s litter box easier since the clumps pile together once the cat relieves itself. So what are you waiting for? Check out this product and save almost half the price you could have bought other cat litters.

Cedarific Soft Cat Litter

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Cat litter buying guide

 Not only are these litters used for odor control and maintaining your cat’s health but they as well help to conserve the environment. Actually, the most prominent problem is that not all litters work for every cat. Therefore, it is quite important to consider the following factors before making an order from your favorite platform.

Number of cats

It is significant for you to consider the number of cats in your house before making an order. If you own more than one cat, it is advisable to select the most powerful solution that is commonly found in powders and granules.

Also, for a multi-cat household, you can consider beads and spray though they require a slightly heavier use and application over the cats’ litter box. Multi-cat litters are generally a better choice regardless of the number of cats you own since they do not get deterred by urine from another cat.


Your budget is a very important factor when looking for the best cat litter to control odor. There is no shortcut in this; you need to invest in the best litter for the well-being of your cat and even your family members.

Every brand has its own price quote. Therefore, compare the prices and choose a product that you can afford. However, ensure that you choose quality over price.

Odor control

Obviously, their ability to control bad smells varies from one product to another. You should definitely go for the one that is most effective in controlling the odor from the litter box. Common cat litters include either natural odor control sources like the activated baking soda or charcoal while others have an additional fragrance to mask bad smells.

In our experience, some litters that have added fragrance do not work effectively in containing an odor. Instead, they make your room to smell like a mixture of ammonia and perfume. According to our research, most customers have embraced the use of unscented cat litters since they can lock in ammonia and fecal smells.

Owner sensitivities

When buying cat litters you do not entire consider your cat and forget about your preferences since you live under the same roof with your cat. If the litter contains smells that make you uncomfortable, then try other options from the list above.

The safest litter bet would be one made of beads and granules if you are allergic and sensitive to certain types.

Health and safety

Health and safety of you cats and family members should not miss in checklist when making a cat litter purchase. Your health and safety can be compromised if you buy harmful products. You can be exposed to harmful ingredients since litter dust can mix with the air or you can be in contact when petting your cat or cleaning the litter box.

Always consider this factor especially when you have kids or a pregnant or breastfeeding mother in your home. Therefore, avoid litters that contain cobalt chloride, silica ingredients, and artificial fragrances. Some cat litter brands can be flush-friendly although most of them are not. Actually, we presume that all flushable brands are not a good choice in clumping.

Fragrance and chemicals used

Most cats can be turned off by the smell produced by strong fragrances and chemicals. You cat may avoid its litter box when large quantities of a deodorizer are used in the cat litter. As I mentioned earlier on, cats are naturally picky.

They can choose to boycott sleeping over their litter box and use your rag if the litter box is unconducive for them. Therefore, choose the right patches with a friendly smell that will not make you or your cat uncomfortable.

Clumping and dust

Top cat litter brands use granules that vary in size. They also try to avoid the use of filler powder since it can easily mix with the hair and bring complications to the inhabitants of given household. You as well need it to do a fulfilling job of clumping urine and feces.

You do not want to have a litter that will saturate the waste down to the bottom of the cat litter box. We, therefore, recommend that you go for litters that are made of fine-grained powders for better clumping.

Our Choice

We strongly recommend you to buy to buy the following products: World’s best, Cedarific soft and Dr. Elsey’s Precious cat litters. We decided to choose these products because they are very effective in controlling odors, clumping and they are very cheap. They are also environmentally friendly.

Check also we have reviewed the best scope for 17hmr here.


A Premium quality odor controlling cat litter is the best investment that you can make for a healthy and happy home. Therefore, before any commitment towards the purchase, ensure you consider the impact on the environment, health, and well-being that is injected by your investment.

If you use the guidelines above, you can surely make an investment that you will be proud of. Please take your time to check on our top ten cat litter products outlined above. Tell us your personal experience regarding what you have learned in this comprehensive cat litter guide.

Leave your comments, suggestions, and questions below for further explanations and elaborations.

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