The 10 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners – 2019 Reviews and Buying Guide

If it isn’t your first time to use a chainsaw then, it is of no essence letting you know that the best chainsaw is a sharp chainsaw. Unfortunately, your chainsaw will not always be in that sharp condition all the time or rather it won’t sharpen by itself. What’s more, it dulls in a short period of time even without frequent use.

That being said, the only solution is investing in the best chainsaw sharpener. A chainsaw sharpener will help you in a number of ways from protecting you from an injury that may result from a dull blade to saving you time by making the cuts faster and hence improving the productivity.

Besides, you’ll be extending the longevity of the chainsaw as well as saving your pockets of having to buy a new one every time and again. There is no need to throw away the chainsaw simply because it is dull because you can make it new again by sharpening it.

There are several types of chainsaw sharpeners in the market that range from electric, handheld, or bar mounted chainsaw sharpeners. Therefore, you can invest in one of them but the only problem is definitely choosing the one that stands out from the rest. This process can be really frustrating for you if you don’t have an idea of what to look for specifically.

However, the selection process doesn’t have to be a problem anymore as here, are 10 outstanding chainsaw sharpeners to consider.


Top-Rated Chainsaw Sharpeners

  1. Buffalo Tools ECSS Chainsaw sharpener
  2. Oregon 520-120 Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
  3. Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener
  4. STIHL 2-in-1 File Chainsaw Sharpener
  5. Granberg Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener
  6. Timber Tuff CS-12V Portable Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
  7. XtremepowerUS 85W Mini Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
  8. Oregon 30846 12-Volt Chainsaw Sharpener
  9. Blue Max 5655 Bench Chainsaw Sharpener
  10. Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Chainsaw Sharpener

Buffalo Tools ECSS Chainsaw sharpener

Buffalo Tools ECSS Chainsaw sharpenerThis chainsaw sharpener from buffalo is one of the easiest electric sharpeners that you can buy. You only need to clamp it to a stable table, wall or vise then power it on and continue with sharpening the blades individually.

It produces a 4200 RPM speed of grinding and it fits various chain types easily. It doesn’t require a lot of space to fit in hence its storage is not a problem and it is very flexible.

Besides, it is affordable and very easy to use as well. Its design can accommodate different types of chain sizes as it is adjustable hence able to work past most chains.


  • The buffalo is very quick and powerful
  • It is affordable
  • Easy to put together
  • Adjustable to several chain sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Mounts to walls as well as benches


  • User instructions are poor
  • Made of plastic materials


Oregon 520-120 Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Oregon 520-120 Electric Chainsaw SharpenerThe Oregon 520-120 is an electric sharpener that is not only powerful but also very versatile. It has 3400 rotations per minute which makes work so effectively.

If you work with several chain sizes then the Oregon 520-120 is the sharpener type that you definitely won’t want to miss. It features 3 grinding wheels that are different that will help you to get the cutters right into the best working condition.

In addition, it comes with an inbuilt light which helps you to make sure that you sharpen every cutter at a very similar angle as well as sharpness.

The adjustment knobs that it features which are easy to use plus the self-centering chain vise make it ideal to use in almost every chain.

It also can be mounted into a workbench and has a heavy-duty design making it better for more sharpening. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • A durable design
  • Built-in light
  • Features 3 grinding wheels
  • A speed of 3400 RPM
  • Top plate as well as down angle settings
  • Accurate and several sharpening options
  • 3-year warranty


  • High price


Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

Timberline Chainsaw SharpenerThe Timberline chainsaw sharpener is probably the best manual type that you can find. First, it is very easy to hold as well as its mounting is easy.

It is also easy to use and is made from a very high-quality aluminum which makes it not only very durable but also reliable.

When it comes to sharpening, the process is very quick and sharpens to same angle and length. You only clamp it and let each tooth be sharpened.

It is affordable and extremely portable as it weighs only 2 pounds.


  • Lightweight and hence portable
  • Can be attached to the bar easily
  • High-quality construction from aluminum making it very durable
  • Very accurate and fast to use
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime warranty


  • For a manual sharpener, it’s somehow expensive
  • Fixed 30-degree angle only

STIHL 2-in-1 File Chainsaw Sharpener

STIHL 2-in-1 File Chainsaw Sharpener


If you want a sharpener that will go with you to anywhere you may wish to go, the STIHL 2-in-1 easy is the one that you definitely need. The unit doesn’t weigh much hence easy to transport, in fact, you can carry it in your pocket.

It does it function accurately and consistently to mean you will be able to sharpen your chain within no time and efficiently.

It features an additional depth gauge which is simply an added advantage to the already efficient functioning unit.

Since it is from Stihl, a trusted brand, the sharpener is very durable as well. Also, it is a 2-in-1 unit as it will sharpen your chain teeth as well as reduce their gauge depth all at once.

What’s more, even if you’ve never sharpened a chainsaw before, you’ll get it extremely easy to use and is quite fast.


  • Inexpensive
  • Won’t take much space
  • Accurate results
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t fit all types of chain sizes
  • Can be slow for several chain sharpening


Granberg Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener

Granberg Bar-Mount Chainsaw SharpenerThe Granberg bar-mounted chainsaw sharpener is a manual sharpener that just as the name suggests is bar-mounted. It has different spots that are on the jig so as you can personalize your whole process. For instance, you can adjust the cutting depth as well as the angle for best results.

It is made of zinc-plated steel that is rust-resistant and will last for a long time. It also has a cast aluminum body which gives it a premium feel.

The clamping mechanism is second to none as it won’t bend even if you applied some pressure. It also features improved rail guides that resist breaking when intensely used.

It is easy to set up and operate with a solid grip that file handle provides. It’s lightweight hence portable and can adjust to any type of size pitch.


  • Quick sharpening
  • Efficient
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can use with any type of file
  • Durable
  • Simple operation


  • Gets hot while using it
  • The handle is a bit bigger


Timber Tuff CS-12V Portable Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Timber Tuff CS-12V Portable Electric Chainsaw SharpenerThe timber tuff CS-12V is one of the appreciated sharpeners that is portable and has an advantage in that it runs on a 12V battery meaning you can even connect it to your car battery and you’re good to perform the function without a fuss.

It can also deal with several blade types and still produce an efficient work. The grinding stones that it consists assist to make a timely sharpening.

It is made from polypropylene which makes durable as well as resists impacts in whichever tough environment.

With a motor of 60Hz and a maximum speed of up to 3600 RPM to mean the sharpener is very quick and also produces an accurate sharpening.

It also has a thermos-overload protection as well as a transparent safety guide.


  • An overhead light that is inbuilt
  • It’s fast and accurate
  • Thermos-overhead protection
  • Accommodates several chain pitches
  • Easy to use and set up


  • Can be hot while operating
  • Short stone life


XtremepowerUS 85W Mini Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

XtremepowerUS 85W Mini Electric Chainsaw SharpenerYou won’t find any other automatic sharpener in a very small package like you will with the XtremepowerUS 85W Mini Electric Chainsaw Sharpener which is as well powerful and efficient at the same time.

It is easy to use. It runs off an excellent 85W of power which means it produces 4200 RPM. It can be mounted on any stable base to enhance performance.

It also has a vise angle that you can adjust 35 degrees right or left. To keep the chain well in place, it has a brake handle that you can easily use. It is also great for sharpening several chains.


  • Inexpensive
  • Brake handle
  • Vise for easy adjustment
  • Easy to set up
  • Portable
  • Quick results and very easy to use


  • Sometimes vibrates too much
  • A bigger handle


Oregon 30846 12-Volt Chainsaw Sharpener

Oregon 30846 12-Volt Chainsaw SharpenerThe Oregon 30846 12-Volt Chainsaw Sharpener has a great design which gets the work done in an accurate manner. It provides 3 alternatives of chain pitch sizes that you can sharpen and runs off of a 12V battery.

It has a power converter as well to help you operate from a power source that is stationary in case there is a need.

It also has an inbuilt depth gauge which helps to have the cutters in a pristine condition for work as well as aligning them properly for a fine cutting result.

It is as well compact and hence portable and it comes at a reasonable price.


  • Works with a power converter
  • Built-in depth gauge
  • 3 sharpening stones
  • Economical and easy to use
  • A 12V battery is enough


  • Will take time to master its usage
  • No carrying case


Blue Max 5655 Bench Chainsaw Sharpener

Blue Max 5655 Bench Chainsaw SharpenerIf you’re a type of person who will always need to sharpen your chainsaw on the go, then the Blue Max 5655 Bench Chainsaw Sharpener is the option. It effectively puts the cutters back to a pristine condition ready for work thanks to its great design as well as an innovative technology involved.

It also has the rebound plate which ensures that you get accurate results each time of use. It is electric-powered.

It comes with a reasonable price and produces an impressive 4200 RPM and hence it works faster. It is also made from durable materials that will enable you to have consistent results over a long period of time.


  • It is budget-friendly
  • Provides an accurate grinding
  • Has rebound plate
  • 4200 rotations per minute


  • Replacement parts are hard to find
  • Lacks quality


 Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Chainsaw Sharpener

Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Chainsaw SharpenerSometimes you may be out of budget but still, need to acquire a high-end sharpener. If so, look no further than the Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Chainsaw Sharpener. It is an affordable sharpener with great results.

It is made from a heavy-duty steel material and can withstand wear and tear. This sturdy and solid construction makes it last for several years while providing you with consistent results.

It can adjust to various heights which mean it is capable of sharpening chains of various sizes. It also has 3 different grinding blades.

It is designed to mount to a wall or a workbench for stability and reduce any chances of an injury. It also comes with grinding wheels, a grinding template, and a dressing brick.


  • Built-in light
  • Solid construction for durability
  • 3 grinding wheels
  • Can sharpen a variety of chain sizes
  • Affordable
  • Mounts to a wall or a workbench
  • 3500 rotations per minute
  • Pretty powerful for its price


  • Instructions are poor
  • Not portable


The Best Chainsaw Sharpener – Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

We can agree that there are a plethora of chainsaw sharpeners that you can choose to buy. Being many offers a variety to select, however, the only problem is that the process of choosing becoming so much frustrating. The best chainsaw sharpener that you’ll have to choose will be determined by some key characteristics that include the following.


This may seem to be a general rule but most people also seem to forget it. Ideally, a sharpener with more power means it will sharpen better as well. Sharpeners come with different sized motors mostly between 75-300 watts.

Also, make sure you look for rotations per minute (RPM) of the sharpener. The higher it is, the faster it sharpens.


One thing you should remember is that not all sharpeners are able to handle every chain size. Chainsaws do have sizes that are between 0.325-0.404 inches and a majority of the sharpeners are able to handle them, but before buying you should be sure.


Nobody wants to purchase a product today only for it to be a waste just a few days or months later, do you? Therefore, you should evaluate the construction first before purchasing the sharpener. Mostly, they are made of heavy-duty metals that are durable but others are made of plastic hence you should consider everything all around.

Frequency of Use

Depending on whether you’ll need to sharpen on a regular basis, the ideal option would be an electric model. Handheld is best when you rarely sharpen your chain.


Before stepping into a store to make your choice, make sure you set how much you’re willing to spend on the sharpener. This will help you to avoid those products that are beyond your budget and hence make your selection process easier.

Our Recommendation

None of the above won’t get the job done really perfectly as they are all the best-rated chainsaw sharpeners currently on the market. However, due to the fact that the Buffalo Tools ECSS Chainsaw sharpener is very easy to use, mounts to several options can adjust to various chain sizes and above all powerful and quick, we highly recommend it as the best option to purchase. But if you would want a built-in light and durable sharpener, then the Oregon 520-120 Electric Chainsaw Sharpener should be the option.


Maintaining and keeping your chainsaw effective is part of owning it. However, to achieve that periodic sharpening is necessary and the best chainsaw sharpener is a must-have tool. Remember there are a lot of them on the market and the choice you make should wholly depend on the factors you’ve already gotten here. Investing in the best chainsaw sharpener is a way to keep your saw in an original and new condition all the time.

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