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Best Mini Fridge Review – Top 10 Coolest Lists for 2020 with Buying Guide

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There is no denial of the fact that back to school makes it the best time of purchasing a mini fridge, reason being, students mostly wants a refrigerator for their night study beverages. However, that is not the only place that a mini fridge can be required.

For instance, offices, garages, rec rooms, and several other places require mini fridges. A mini fridge only needs a small area, and since nowadays space has been a concern to most folks, the surge for mini fridges is on a high.

They aren’t that much energy efficient compared to the standard-sized refrigerators while some might not hold that consistent enough temperature that your food can be safely preserved for a long time. However, for those beverages and other items that are quickly consumed, keeping them cold works just fine.

The only problem is to find the right size with features which will make it perfect for all your needs. The selection of the best gets difficult because there are a variety of mini fridges in the market. Therefore, for that reason, we’ve decided to make it simple for you by reviewing 10 best mini fridges currently in the market.

Top-Rated Mini Fridges of 2018

  1. Danby Compact All Refrigerator
  2. Haier Refrigerator
  3. Magic Chef MCBR440S2 Mini Refrigerator
  4. Black & Decker BCRK25W Mini Refrigerator
  5. Midea WHS-87LW1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator
  6. Igloo Compact Fridge
  7. Cooluli Electric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer
  8. Keystone KSTRC312CB Compact 2-Door Refrigerator
  9. Chefman Personal Compact Mini Fridge
  10. Insignia 115-Can Beverage Cooler


 Danby Compact All Refrigerator

Danby Compact All RefrigeratorIt comes with ample space to give room for more fresh food storage. With one compartment this refrigerator can maintain a consistent temperature for an extended period. This fridge is a masterpiece well-crafted down to details by experts with an over 70 years’ experience. Energy use of this device is efficient and environmental friendly due to the R600a refrigerant.

The excellent standard mechanical thermostat cannot be overlooked as it handles all the cooling. The maximum temperature will, of course, freeze your food but an auto defrost system that is inbuilt is an added advantage if you choose to use this extreme temperature.

The size and space of this mini fridge are incredible as it can hold a two-liter soda bottle and besides a can store disperser that can carry six standard beers.


  • Large space
  • Built-in auto defrost
  • Can dispenser
  • Very light


  • No freezer


Haier Refrigerator

Haier RefrigeratorIt’s built with more space with a great groom and stylish outlook. The total area in this machine is four cubic feet which include both refrigerator and freezer. The shelves are made of glass for quick and easy cleaning.

On the top shelves a small box container like freezer is fitted, and to the left, there is a bit of space to fit some items. Jars and cans can also fit on the inside of the door. The compressor is, and the mechanical thermostat is well placed for efficient cooling.

This type of fridge comes with different sizes to choose from.  There are also three colors to choose from, and they include black, white and silver.


  • Stylish
  • Spacious
  • Silent during operation
  • Freezer


  • Does not have an auto-defrost


Magic Chef MCR440S2 Mini Refrigerator

Magic Chef MCR440S2 Mini RefrigeratorThis is the perfect mini refrigerator that can efficiently fit into a room or an office space. The interior though is not as small as it seems, this machine is equipped with a 4.4-cubic-foot interior and multiple features.

A crisper is fitted to make sure that all your fresh produce remains fresh and the drawers are transparent just to ensure you can monitor what is going on.

The shelves can be arranged in five positions to create more room while the interior light aids in making that you see clearly when operating this machine. The freezer occupies the entire top and also comes with an ice cube tray.

The doors are well positioned and can be opened in any direction, i.e., left or right depending on the positioning of the fridge.


  • Interior light
  • Freezer and ice cube tray
  • Silent operations


  • pricey


Black & Decker BCRK25W Mini Refrigerator

Black & Decker BCRK25W Mini RefrigeratorThis masterpiece is 2.5 cubic feet, but it is carefully designed to fit the right amount of food and drinks. The door is mounted to hold up to a two-liter water bottle, and other can buy sodas. The top shelve of the door is short making it suitable to hold small jars.

Fitted with a full-width freezer this machine can fit frozen food, munchies and also an ice cube tray. Due to its size, this compact fridge can efficiently fit on countertops.

The total weight of this masterpiece is 46 pounds making it very easy to move around. The doors are reversible swinging either from right to left making this fridge fit anywhere in the room. The operation of the black &decker is very quiet.

It is also energy star certified.


  • Quite operation
  • Energy star certified
  • Reversible doors
  • Relatively light


  • Lacks an auto defrost


Midea WHS-87LW1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator

Midea WHS-87LW1 Compact Single Reversible Door RefrigeratorThis is a basic mini refrigerator that mostly targets people who are not interested in extra features like freezers or crispers. It is small in size and mostly recommends for office space as it can fit under a desk.

It comes with a single shelve, but excellent performance as it cools anything almost immediately and its operation is entirely silent compared to other machines in the market.

The interior space is just enough to keep a few snacks, canned sodas, and relatively small boxes. This mini refrigerator can also be used in the bedroom because it is portable to maintain your desired snacks in arms reach.


  • Portable
  • Silent operation
  • Relatively cheap


  • Relatively small interior


Igloo Compact Fridge

Igloo Compact FridgeThe Igloo is the best office fridge in the market. It is small in size and can fit into many places, so you don’t need to worry about it occupying a lot of your working area. Igloo measures 1.6 by 1.7 fit, and we can all agree that this machine can perfectly fit into any under the desk.

Also, it is fitted with one shelve which is detachable with a little freezer compartment. This refrigerator uses a compressor cooling technology to keep your food and drinks at desired temperatures regardless of the environmental temperatures.

This masterpiece is also highly recommended for mothers with little to preserve their infant’s food.


  • Perfect size
  • Fitted with a freezer
  • Portable
  • Cost effective


  • Supports a minimum no of users


Cooluli Electric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer

Cooluli Electric Mini Fridge Cooler and WarmerThe Cooluli electric mini fridge is a compact mini fridge. Interestingly it has both cooling and warming functionality features. It comes in different colors. The thermoelectric unit is fitted with two modes, the cooling, and heating mode.

These various modes make this mini fridge efficient in storing a wide range of products, from milk, beverages and fresh food. The operation of this can either be horizontal or vertical. It is very light as it weighs 4.7 pounds only. The shelves are adjustable to allow you to get your desired arrangement.

The outer design is sleek and attractive though it is made up of plastic. The mechanical operation is Freon free because of health concerns. The storage of items is safe due to the latching magnet.


  • Very light
  • Freon free
  • Quiet operation
  • USB powered


  • Cannot hold cans


Keystone KSTRC312CB Compact 2-Door Refrigerator

Keystone KSTRC312CB Compact 2-Door RefrigeratorThis mini refrigerator mostly comes in black color. Its energy star certified and has a 3.1 cubic feet interior for maximum holding. It has a two-door fridge and freezer. The freezer is separate and is mounted on the top, and its door has more storage space.

The defrosting system is manually paired with a mechanical temperature control system. The shelves are two in number and are made of glass. The freezer has crisper drawers to hold fruits and vegetables. Canned beverages is stored correctly on the refrigerator’s door.

A two-liter bottle can also fit on the door of this fridge. The refrigerator’s door also has a small item rack and can store up to one serving of yogurt. The interior light aids you to operate the fridge efficiently even in poor lighting.


  • Reversible doors
  • Large interior
  • Defrost system
  • Energy star compliant


  • A bit noisy


Chefman Personal Compact Mini Fridge

Chefman Personal Compact Mini FridgeThe interior is 4.4- cubic foot making the fridge has enough room for foods and drinks.

The crisper in this mini refrigerator ensures that fresh produces kept fresh. The drawers are transparent heling you to monitor what’s going on without opening it. This master piece can go from cooling to heating with just a touch of a button.

This piece is relatively light and thus making it easy to move when the need arises. The shelves are movable to help you store a wide range of products. This machine is CETL certified, and also it is environmentally friendly. It is made in a compact structure for durability.


  • Relatively light
  • Silent operation
  • CETL certified
  • Big interior


  • Relatively expensive


Insignia 115-Can Beverage Cooler

Insignia 115-Can Beverage CoolerFor all beverage lovers, this is the perfect mini refrigerator to keep your items at a crisp temperature. It is sleek-shaped with a big front window showing the items present in the fridge.

The interior space is mind-blowing. With a 4.4-cubic foot space, this masterpiece can hold up to one hundred and fifteen cans of your desired drink.

The controls are touching sensitive making it easy for one to set up desired temperatures. Insignia beverage cooler has three shelves and in addition to that it is has an automatic defrost system. In case of surplus frost is sensed the system will automatically melt it away.

This fridge can support a wide range of products from sports drinks to ice cold water.


  • Affordable
  • Automatic defrost system
  • Large interior
  • Touch screen operation


  • Limited to beverages only


The Best Mini Fridge – What to Look for When Buying a Mini Fridge

The current market has a variety of mini fridges that you can confuse you when choose the best. Every brand that you may come across will be labeled the best, but only a few of them really mean it. However, to get the best mini fridge, consider the following:

Energy Efficiency

Most of the mini fridges are energy star certified but you have to make sure you confirm. Probably, your mini fridge will be running all year and you need an energy efficient fridge to save you some bills. The mini fridge should have an efficient cooling system also. Usually, larger mini fridges tend to consume less power as compared to smaller mini fridges.


A compact fridge that has a reversible door is always a great option. A reversible door allows you to change the way it swings open quickly. This way you can customize the fridge so that it can fit perfectly into your room.



Adjustable Layout

Buying a mini fridge that has adjustable shelves, as well as door bins, are without a doubt an excellent option as well. The adjustable shelves will help to ensure that you’re able to make proper use of the space.


Some mini fridges do not have freezers. However, it’s good that you have some ice for your soft drinks. This component allows you to store ice or simply frozen food.


A mini fridge that is small, as well as lightweight, makes the best option to purchase. However, you should make sure that the lightweight factor of your fridge doesn’t compromise the quality. Being portable means, you’ll be able to switch its position easily within your room as you like.

Temperature and Regulation Range

For regulating the temperature, the mini fridge should have a thermostat. A refrigerator that has 5 degrees temperature drop is always lovely for drinks, but for groceries, it needs to be a bit lower.

Our Recommendation

One thing for sure all the mini fridges in the article will provide you with the best experience you crave for each day. However, we recommend the Danby Compact All Refrigerator as it allows for a larger space and is very light. However, for a stylish mini refrigerator that gives a silent operation, the Haier Refrigerator is the ideal option.


A mini refrigerator is an essential unit to have in a home as it keeps the beverages cold. Besides, they don’t take a lot of your space in your office or home, and they are affordable at the same time. An excellent mini fridge is one that is flexible, portable, has a freezer, and energy efficient. Depending on your needs and space choose the best fridge and enjoy a cold drink during the hot afternoons.