The 10 Best Outdoor Projectors 2019 – A Complete Review and Buying Guide

Nothing is better than enjoying a night watching the best movie with family or friends at the campsite or just in your backyard. You may also want to have the best experience of your best game with friends on the big screen and the only way to achieve that is through an outdoor projector.

Literally, a projector is a cost-effective solution which on the contrary many people believe that it costs more than a TV, hard to set up, or maybe it’s hard to maintain. Massive projection screens are required when it comes to outdoor projection but it doesn’t really matter a lot as some natural surfaces like the side of the house, office or school can work as a stand-in just on short notice.

However, the best projection device is required to give out a decent picture and also one that is versatile to play a media type of any kind you can use. Luckily, there are a plethora of outdoor projectors on the market that you can choose.

The only problem is that it can get really overwhelming to pick the one that stands out from the rest. That is why we provide you with the best rated outdoor projectors that will create a night for your family and friends that they will never forget instead want to relive it every time.

Top-Rated Outdoor Projectors

  1. Epson PowerLite 1781W Outdoor projector
  2. Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D Projector
  3. Aodin Smart Mini Android Video Projector
  4. ViewSonic PA5555W WXGA DLP Outdoor Projector
  5. BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (W1070)
  6. Doace HD 1080P Indoor Outdoor Video Projector
  7. Epson VS250 Outdoor Projector
  8. Acer H5380BD Outdoor Projector
  9. Optoma HD37 Outdoor Projector
  10. RIF6 CUBE Pico Mini Portable Projector

Epson PowerLite 1781W Outdoor projector

Epson PowerLite 1781W Outdoor projectorFor several years now, Epson brand has stood out to be one of the best manufacturers of camera and theater gear. With the Epson PowerLite 1781W projector, they have equally produced the best product among the variety that exists.

It has a smooth design which is very handy and in terms of images, it can create an image which is very sharp up to 200 inches. It contains 3200 lumens which result in a very accurate outdoor result. It also features wireless networking that allows connection without necessarily plugging into your projector other devices like smartphone or laptop.

It automatically adjusts so as the image can fit the screen. In addition, it contains an external audio port that allows you to connect external speakers. It includes a 3-chip technology that results in higher brightness as well as a wider color gamut.


  • LAN module of high-speed for wireless connectivity
  • Very thin similar to a laptop
  • Easy image adjustment
  • Lightweight hence portable
  • Very fast
  • Compatible with almost all devices


  • Rear adjustable feet absent

Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D Projector

Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D ProjectorThe Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D Projector is one of the best as it is HDMI-ready and comes with 2 separate HDMI ports whereby you can connect two sources at once and choose which one to play. Another great feature is the 3D Blu-ray that it supports which brings a fantastic video experience.

Also, the inclusion of the MHL port means it is accessible to devices like tablets as well as smartphones. In addition, it comes with a reasonable price and has a great 10W audio. It weighs a bit less about 5.5 pounds which it’s portable and comes with a backlit remote control that you can use conveniently in a dark environment.

It as well supports Chromecast which makes it possible to stream some content from the web. It also supports Vesa 3D for a flawless 3D viewing. Above all, it projects pictures that are clean and bright. Pros

  • Vesa 3D support
  • 1080p HD resolution
  • Pictures are clean and bright
  • Includes 2 HDMI ports plus it’s MHL capable
  • Inexpensive


  • When on bright mode, the fan can be heard
  • Contains some rainbow effect

Aodin Smart Mini Android Video Projector

Aodin Smart Mini Android Video ProjectorThe Aodin smart mini android projector merely is the type of portable projector you can think about. Basically, it will provide you with a home cinema experience just from the bright wireless projector. You won’t require any cables to transfer your data or share them on the big screen with your friends just because this projector has wireless connectivity.

It consists of an inner battery made of lithium polymer which can last you for 3 hours. Also, it has a remarkable brightness thanks to the HD presentation. It has inbuilt dual WI-FI as well as Bluetooth. It has ports that you can connect other external devices like the USB, HDMI, SD card and other hard drives. Pros

  • Several ports
  • Lightweight hence portable
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Remarkable brightness
  • Inbuilt WI-FI


  • Not the best time of running


ViewSonic PJD5555W WXGA DLP Outdoor Projector

ViewSonic PJD5555W WXGA DLP Outdoor ProjectorWhen you’re looking for a budget-friendly outdoor projector, the ViewSonic PJD555W will have to be at the top of your list. It is also portable and bright image quality when even set at low image resolution. It comes with several variable ports which allow you to connect to various devices.

It produces 3200 lumens which are a significant number. It has a nice look and weighs about 4.6 pounds which is relatively not bad to carry around. It features 3D glasses and works better even at 8 feet from the screen. At its price, the color balance is quite excellent. Besides, its bulb replacement is cheap. It also comes with 2W speaker integrated as well as a cable management hood.


  • Portable
  • Affordable in price
  • Bright display from 3200 lumens
  • 2W speaker integrated
  • Several connection options like HDMI, RCA, and VGA
  • Cable management hood


  • Soft sound
  • Not good contrast for long videos

BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (W1070)

BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (W1070)Are you seeking an outdoor projector with excellent picture quality? The BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (W1070) is the product you’re looking for. It has 3D playback as well as respectable black levels. It features full HD resolution with a sharp 1080p of up to 200 inches.

It supports 3D producing a fantastic performance that includes Blu-ray, movies and games. Besides, it is ISF certified and very easy to carry because of its compact design. It has an output of 2000 lumens of light hence an excellent image quality. It features a lens of high-quality glass that also has a great fashionable finish.

For a smooth operation, you’ll like that it comes with a remote control. It also includes connectivity ports for a secure as well as efficient connectivity.


  • Energy efficient
  • Very cheap
  • Vertical image shifting
  • Connectivity Ports
  • Portable


  • Remote doesn’t have a backlight
  • Limited optical zoom


Doace HD 1080P Indoor Outdoor Video Projector

Doace HD 1080P Indoor Outdoor Video ProjectorThe ideal projector for the outdoor environment and includes a portable screen of 84″. The Doace HD 1080p weighs 2 pounds only meaning you can easily carry it around. It comes with ports that you can as well connect several devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, video game systems, or even Blu-ray player.

It comes with a brightness of 1500 lumens with a resolution of 800×480 pixels. It is 30% brighter than other projectors. It comes with a full 1-year warranty and the screen can be easily hung with hooks, ropes, or nails. Besides, you can use a double-sided tape to attach it or even a bracket when often moving it.

Its fan also offers a quiet efficiency so that it doesn’t interrupt with the sound of your video game or movie.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Ports for several device connectivity
  • Small and light hence portable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy hanging
  • Fan is quiet


  • Not so good during the day

Epson VS250 Outdoor Projector

Epson VS250 Outdoor ProjectorEpson VS250 projector is a reliable and durable outdoor projector to serve you for an extended period. It offers images of excellent quality and is clear up to 25 feet. It produces high-level brightness thanks to the 3200 lumens of light. Even on bright daylight, the Epson VS250 projector will provide clear and quality images.

It features audio outputs that you can connect to external speakers to enhance the sound quality for your audience. However, it does have an inbuilt speaker as well. It also supports VGA as well as HDMI connectivity.  Epson is also very easy to set up and gets off running with a simple and precise connection.


  • Built-in speaker as well as external audio outputs for sound enhancement
  • Very rational cost
  • The controls are appropriate hence very easy to setup
  • Ideal projection in bright light environments
  • Supports VGA and HDMI


  • 3D competences absent

Acer H5380BD Outdoor Projector

Acer H5380BD Outdoor ProjectorYou don’t need an expensive projector for your backyard movie theater with quality pictures as the Acer H5380BD provides all that for a reasonable price. It has a 720p resolution that can project even the latest technologies such as Blu-ray as well as 3D and as to such you’ll be able to utilize all your media sources.

It has 3000 lumens of light that provide bright images on the giant screen. Besides, it has 17000:1 contrast ratio that is of high quality. It features HDMI, VGA, and USB outputs for external connectivity and at the same time, it has audio jacks to connect to external speakers to enhance the sound for your viewers. It is compatible with Windows PC and Mac PC and comes with a remote control for smooth operation.


  • Portable
  • 720p resolution
  • Supports several devices
  • Very affordable
  • Supports 3D as well as Blu-ray


  • low volume for the inbuilt speaker

Optoma HD37 Outdoor Projector

Optoma HD37 Outdoor ProjectorThe Optoma HD37 outdoor projector produces bright, clear, and accurate images. It’s one of those projectors with a smooth as well as comfortable finish. The projector is also easy to use and handle. It has ports that will allow you to connect to HDMI, MHL, USB, and VGA.

It comes with a digital zoom feature and an excellent brightness from 2500 lumens and a 20000:1 contrast ratio. It is the best option during the day. It includes closed captioning and a lifetime of 2000 hours with a lamp light life of 30,000 hours. The unit weighs 7.7gm making it portable.

The remote control that it comes with has a backlight making it easy to operate at night. It is also ISF certified and comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Affordable price
  • Full 1080p resolution as well as 3D support
  • Ports for device connection
  • 1-year warranty
  • A remote control with a backlight
  • Easy to use and handle


  • Some rainbow colors

RIF6 CUBE Pico Mini Portable Projector

RIF6 CUBE Pico Mini Portable ProjectorDo you like playing games? The RIF6 cube Pico mini projector has a great design and will definitely take your gaming experience to the next level. It has an aluminum casing which makes it durable as well as makes it look sleek.

It has a built-in speaker but also features audio outputs that you can connect to external speakers to enhance the sound. It also comes with an inbuilt battery that acts as a backup for about 2 hours. Besides, it has the ports that you can use to connect to other devices like the laptop, smartphone, and any other USB-enabled device.

It comes with a mini tripod that is very lightweight and the whole unit is easy to set up. It provides an impressive 20,000 hours of LED.


  • Built-in battery
  • Lightweight hence portable
  • Durable
  • Ports for extra connectivity
  • Inbuilt speaker as well as external audio output


  • No wireless connectivity

Best Outdoor Projectors – What to Consider Before Buying Your Outdoor Projector

The market is flooded with outdoor projectors meaning selecting the best can be frustrating especially when you don’t know the aspects to consider. Projectors are definitely not the same as some stand out from the rest. The only problem is how to distinguish each of the projectors. However, considering the following factors, your selection will be easier.

Light Source

With modern technology, most projectors use LED bulbs rather than the traditional light bulb that support only 4,000 lamp hours. Mostly, LED projector bulbs have a lamp life of 20,000 hours. Ideally, LED projectors have brighter pictures and require little cooling and above all, they are energy efficient.


Just as it is a case with photographs, a projection resolution that is higher translates to images that are sharper and clear. Therefore, an outdoor projector having a higher resolution will have a better viewing. Most projectors have a higher resolution, but since some models come with a lower resolution, you don’t have to ignore checking on this number.


The brightness perhaps should be the vital tip that you should consider when choosing your best projector. A projector that projects brightly on the screen is definitely what you’re looking for on the market and you’ll find out which is the best by looking at the number of lumens. Most of them have between 1,000-10,000 lumens but what you should have in mind is that a larger number of lumens (though) expensive, will be much brighter. However, the outside environment will also contribute to what you’ll be able to see on the screen but the darker it is, the better.


The sound quality is another thing that you must think about more seriously. Most of the outdoor projectors do have inbuilt speakers while others have external speakers. Regardless, choose a unit that has audio in and out to give you an opportunity to add some supplemental speakers whenever you want to enhance the sound for the viewers.


The flexibility of use is essential and a projector that offers you many options for connectivity will have to be considered ahead of the rest. Most of them can have both USB, VGA, and HDMI connections but an extra feature like WI-FI functionality for wireless connection will make the option even better for purchasing.


This should be a concern as this will be an expensive purchase you’ll make and since it’s electronic, it’s prone to failures. Therefore, a warranty will be best mostly a 3-year limited warranty. Besides, a good warranty shows the confidence of the manufacturer in the product.

Our Recommendation

The outdoor projectors here are the ones anybody about to purchase one dream of as they are the best the market has to offer. We recommend the Epson PowerLite 1781W Outdoor projector because of its wireless connectivity, automatic image adjustment, very fast, and the fact that it’s compatible with almost any type of device. However, if you consider most the Vesa 3D support and an inexpensive outdoor projector, the Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D Projector will be the most ideal.


Undoubtedly, an outdoor projector can provide you a great experience that you’ve never had as well as making your backyard a designated spot. This only happens when you have the best out of the best. Since you’re now aware of the best outdoor projectors and what you’ll have to look for when buying from the resolution, compatibility, and brightness, you have all it takes to choose the best projector. Just pick well and have fun.

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