Best Random Orbital Sander Reviews of 2019 & Buying Guide

Do you want to take your craft to the next level? If you do, which tool do you usually use for finishing? Nevertheless, if you are a serious woodworker in your tool collection there’s one that you must have-a random orbital sander. The orbital sander when used produces a smooth surface without any swirl marks behind-just the kind of finish everyone wants.

Apart from the good quality of finish the orbital sander produces, it is also very easy to use and makes the work faster when compared to sandpapers. If you’re a contractor or have some business then you must have learnt that work sped is an important factor and investing in the best orbital sander can provide the speed you require.

However, the process of purchasing your orbital sander is exciting as well as intimidating. To eliminate that part of intimidation so as you’re left to enjoy the excitement, we review the best random orbital sanders currently in the market for your easier selection.

Top 10 Best Random Orbital Sanders

  1. DEWALT DWE6421K Random Orbital Sander
  2. Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander
  3. Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander
  4. Makita BO5041K Random Orbital Sander
  5. PORTER-CABLE 382 Random Orbital Sander
  6. SKIL 7492-02 2.8 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbital Sander
  7. DEWALT DWE6423K Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander
  8. Bosh 1250DEVS Random Orbital Sander
  9. Festool 571810 RO 150 FEQ Rotex Random Orbital Sander
  10. Rigid R8606B GEN5X 18V Random Orbital Sander


DEWALT DWE6421K Random Orbital Sander

The DEWALT DWE6421K Random Orbital Sander will significantly save labor as it is powered by electricity. It provides an efficient operation as well as an increased precision level hence an ideal choice for any woodworker.

It has more than 12000 rotations per minute making it perfect for any type of work especially short to medium work.

In case, you have large works to accomplish it features the hook and latch pads that will facilitate the work. It also comes with a carrying bag for convenience and easy handling.

The power switch is also dust-sealed which provides an extended life. Besides, it has a shorter height which makes it very easier getting closer to workspace.

The product is generally very durable within an affordable budget. Besides, it has rubber over mold almost in all the critical areas as well as a separate counterweight design which increases the easy movement and also reducing vibration.


  • Includes a filter bag
  • Hook and latch pads
  • 3 amp motor producing 12000 rotations per minute
  • Convenient carrying bag


  • Single speed
    DEWALT DWE6421K 


Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander

The Bosch ROS20VSC random orbital sander is indeed the best type of ROS you can ever get it the market thanks to its powerful performance. The product has a great dust collection system and it’s also very easy to use.

The ROS20VSC performs with a 2.5 amp motor that runs at up to 12000 orbits per minute. You’ll like the fact that it runs comfortably and smoothly.

It provides a swirl-free finish thanks to the Bosch’s pad breaking as well as the hook tight systems. It has a quality hard case that makes it durable.

It’s also lightweight as it weighs about 3.5lbs and hence it’s comfortable to carry as well as east to handle. It also features a hook and latch system that has 5” pads making it quick for changing.


  • Low vibration
  • An excellent dust catcher
  • Affordable price
  • Powerful motor for the toughest jobs
  • Very durable and strong
  • Ergonomic design
  • Carrying bag


  • Off balance for some
  • A bit heavy
  • Only a 1-year warranty


Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander

If you’re looking for a random orbital sander with an affordable price, the black & decker BDERO100 random orbital sander should be the deal. Despite the fact that the unit has a low cost, its performance is excellent.

The unit allows 5” hook as well as loop discs that facilitate quick switching as you get the job done. It functions with 2 amps and 12000 rotations per minute hence making it ideal for most works.

The product is also made of high-quality material that makes durable. Besides, it comes with a 2-year warranty which is excellent provided the cost of this random orbital sander.

The machine also weighs 3 pounds which makes easy to handle and operate. Also, it is very compact making it easy to maneuver.


  • Very economical
  • Has little vibration
  • Extremely durable
  • High rotations per minute
  • Hook and loop
  • Very easy to handle


  • Underpowered
  • Poor dust collection


Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander


Makita BO5041K Random Orbital Sander

The Makita BO5042K Random Orbital Sander is the dream that everyone will wish to own just because of its high performance. It contains a 3A speed motor that is variable with 4000-12000 orbits per minute.

Also, it has a low-pressure range which gives it a precise control whenever you’re using it. besides, it has a 2-finger trigger switch as well as a lock-on mode.

It comes with a great capacity dust collection system hence you won’t be worried of dust accumulation in your workshop. Also, it includes an inbuilt shop-vac adapter.

The fact that it features a removable front handles which allows you to switch either for two or one-handed operations make it an excellent option to have.

It has a rubberized grip as well a robust body which makes it very durable and also comfortable to handle and control.

The bottom line is the fact that it produces a smooth finish.


  • An amazing dust collection system
  • Hook and loop attachment (universal)
  • Superb performance with zero vibration
  • Durable
  • Removable front handle
  • Powerful motor


  • Expensive
  • Poor warranty

Makita BO5041K Random Orbital Sander

PORTER-CABLE 382 Random Orbital Sander

If you’re to do some heavy duty sanding as well as polishing then the PORTER-CABLE 382 Random Orbital Sander will offer serious advantages. The 4.5 amp motor that has a variable speed of 2500-6800 rotations per minutes makes it a good performer.

In fact, it will provide some great advantage if you’ll like to work with metal furniture as it will provide a fine polish and finish of quality.

The handle of this tool is excellent and will take the strain off your arm when sanding a large surface area or simply working with it for a long period.

It has an ergonomic body which houses the motor and is very durable. Also, its dust collection system is excellent.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Comes with a sanding pad, PSA pad, and a polishing pad all free
  • Leaves zero swirl marks
  • Excellent for metal work
  • Variable speed
  • Low speed for nice polishing
  • 3-year warranty with 1-year free service as well as a 90-day guarantee of your money back


  • Dust collection fills so fast
  • No rubber grip


PORTER-CABLE 382 Random Orbital Sander


SKIL 7492-02 2.8 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbital Sander

A sanding tool that produces results is the one that you’ll definitely want to own and it won’t be far from the SKIL 7492-02 2.8 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbital Sander. It comes at a very low price and it is a mid-grade sander.

It is powered a 2.5 amp motor that has a variable speed of 7500-12000 OPM. It has an excellent dust collection system as well as a pad brake.

In addition, it has a lightweight as well as ergonomic design that will make the user feel comfortable and also without a lot of strain handling it.


  • Easier to change sanding pads
  • Switches are well sealed
  • Durable
  • Low price
  • Great dust collection system
  • 5-inch disk size


  • Small grip surface


SKIL 7492-02 2.8 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbital Sander


DEWALT DWE6423K Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander

The DEWALT DWE6423K Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander is a powerful type that comes with an affordable price. It’s powered by a 3 amp motor with 8000-12000 orbits per minute. It is a vibration-free tool hence very comfortable to use.

To add to the comfort, it has a rubber overmild grip as well as a low-profile design. Besides, it has a hook and loop system that is very reliable.

It comes with 1-year free service as well as a 90-day money back guarantee and to crown it has a 3-year limited warranty.

Its durable design means you’ll have a long period service of wood work plastic and metal. It has a well dust collection system with 1-hand locking system making it easy to use with little mess.

The finishing quality is just needless to say as it is simply the best finish you can get from an orbital random sander.


  • Easy to control
  • Quality finish thanks to the high orbits per minute by a powerful motor
  • Durable construction
  • A hook and loop system that is very reliable
  • 1-year free service, 90-day money back and a 3-year limited warranty


  • Relatively expensive
  • The dust ejection port is not standard
  • Doesn’t include a shop-vac adapter


DEWALT DWE6423K Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander


Bosh 1250DEVS Random Orbital Sander

You need different speeds to match various tasks, right? The Bosh 1250DEVS Random Orbital Sander is powered by a 6.5 amp motor with variable speed of 3100-6550 orbits per minute.

Before you can say that it is not the fastest sander, better look again at its dual mode that has a Turbo mode as well as Finishing mode which simply compensate the speed. Basically, with the turbo mode, you’ll be able to remove material up to 5-times more the normal sander mode.

It has a vacuum port and it works dust free with the attachment of a shop-vac. The tool is made of hard plastic and the gear housing coated with aluminum making it very strong.

It also provides a perfect control as you use it all the time thanks to the 7.7-inch tool body diameter, an auxiliary handle, and a rubber push pad.


  • The dual mode makes it perfect to work in rough surfaces while producing a quality finish
  • High power
  • A durable construction
  • Comfortable control


  • Expensive
  • Almost useless passive dust collection system


Bosh 1250DEVS Random Orbital Sander


Festool 571810 RO 150 FEQ Rotex Random Orbital Sander

If you’re a professional seeking for the best orbital random sander, the Festool 571810 RO 150 FEQ Rotex Random Orbital Sander is your choice. This is the kind of sander that will make any type of work at your disposal just be like a walk in the park.

It is powered by a 6AMP motor which provides enough power for the tool to produce excellent finishes without any swirls left behind.

It also has a 6-inch sanding pad which together with the power ensures that you finish work very quickly. Besides, the ergonomic design ensures that the tool is comfortable as well.

It has the best extraction system that you’ve never seen. The tool is made to last as it is made of high-quality materials both in the inside and out.


  • A sturdy construction
  • High-quality finish
  • High power
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent dust collection system


 Festool 571810 RO 150 FEQ Rotex Random Orbital Sander

Rigid R8606B GEN5X 18V Random Orbital Sander

The Rigid R8606B GEN5X 18V Random Orbital Sander is a cordless sander that converts 18V of power to 7000-11000 orbits per minute. The sander has the pad brake system as well as the soft start function.

It utilizes the air guard technology which means that it shines all the way when it comes to the department of dust collection. Besides, it removes all materials providing a smooth quality finish surface.

The 2.5-inch (standard-sized) vacuum hose attachment makes it a perfect choice. Has 6 speeds and its rigid lifetime makes it generally a good fit.


  • It has a 6-speed motor with orbits per minute between 7000-11000
  • An excellent dust collection system
  • Comes with free batteries meant for life
  • Durable
  • Quality smooth finish
  • Pad brake system


  • The ergonomics not up to standard
  • Under heavy loads, battery goes off fast


Rigid R8606B GEN5X 18V Random


Things to Consider for the Best Random Orbital Sanders

With stained surfaces, a random orbital sander is exactly what you need to make the woodwork impressive having an excellent finish. Perhaps, a ROS gives a nice finish within a small period and with less effort. But, for you to get the best of this amazing tool, you’ll have to choose the best wisely.

Therefore, there are several factors that you have to take into consideration so as you choose the best random orbital sander.

Variable Speed

Most individuals don’t consider variable speed as an important factor but you better consider. It helps to reduce the OPM when fine sanding is needed and also increase OPM when you need to remove materials faster. Some can argue to change the grit to achieve the same result but why would you go for the hard way when variable speed is a very affordable alternative.

Superior Dust Collection

One thing for sure, sanding leads to several fine saw dust and if the accumulate in the workshop, cleaning will be difficult and besides they can lead to some respiratory diseases. Make sure to invest in a random orbital sander that has an excellent quality dust collection to eliminate these problems.


Sanders come with different sizes and the one you choose will highly depend on your needs. Smaller sanders allow you to work with great details easily and also they use discs that are small. Less force is also required with the smaller sizes unlike the larger sanders that require more force.

Motor and OPM

Power for the sander to operate is also an important factor to consider. Motors that power them vary from 2-6 AMP and the way it translates into performance highly depends on the sander-just how effective each sander uses the power. Also, the higher the orbits per minute (OPM), the faster you’ll have the sanding process.

Power Source

Sanders have different sources of power from battery operated, corded, and pneumatic ones. Pneumatic sanders are powerful and need an air compressor in addition to operate. Therefore, the corded and cordless (battery) operated are the most ideal.


Most sanders only offer a single grip with some offering two handed grip and a few will offer both. The importance of a two-handed grip is easy control but with accessibility issues. One handed will make sanding to areas that are hard to reach easy but with less control. Therefore, a sander with both will be the best as it will allow you to switch.

Our Recommendation

A remarkable finish is always good to have for every woodworker and all the random orbital sanders here will provide an excellent job. However, we recommend the DEWALT DWE6421K Random Orbital Sander as it is very powerful, durable, and includes the hook and latch pads for larger works. The Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander is as well an ideal option in case you need a decent dust collector with low vibrations.


Depending on your needs and considerations are learned choose the best random orbital sander that you won’t regret having in your workshop. Factor in all the considerations, starting from the power source, size, dust collection, motor and OPM. Make sure you add the best random orbital sander to your tool collection and smile on those excellent finishes.


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