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Best Roof Vent Fans and Covers for RVs 2020 Reviews

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Summer is around the corner, and you want to enjoy camping with your recreational vehicle. From my experience, it can get scorching inside your RV. Thus, getting air flowing freely through your trailer or motorhome can be an issue at certain times.

The best solution for this is getting the best RV roof vent fan. It is useful in reducing heat, smells, and moisture out of your RV. Depending on the level of heat, a good roof fan can be an alternative to your air conditioning unit.

The moisture can come from the bathroom, cooking, and your breathing. Usually, the RV bathroom fan may not be powerful enough to expel the moisture. Also, most bathroom fans that are installed by the RV manufacturers are noisy and tend to break down more often.

One of the worst things about RVs is lack of fresh air. Sometimes the AC unit can become harsh and drafty. However, with a good vent fan, I find it enjoyable to sleep inside my RV – I enjoy the breeze and comfort.

I always love RV gadgets and devices that can be powered by solar panels. That is me; I do not know about you! We are now living in an era where everything ought to be green.

From our research and testing some models, these are the best roof vent fans for money currently on the market.

Best RV Roof Vent Fan  Reviews

Maxxair MAXXFAN Deluxe

The good thing about Maxxair MAXXFAN Deluxe is that it incorporates three critical elements you need in an RV ventilation system: vent, rain shield, and fan. Thus, you do not need to buy the cover. The rain cover is a useful feature that protects the interior of your trailer or motorhome. This is necessary to avoid damaging the interior components and devices in case it rains.

Useful Features

  • Temperature control – You can control the room temperature thanks to the installed thermostat. The unit delivers over 900 CFM. With this, you can stay comfortable and relaxed.
  • Safety – The system has a powerful, long life, fuse protected ball bearing motor and a blade fan. It also closes securely. This makes it difficult for kids to tamper with it. You can leave the unit fully opened and fully closed when driving. However (you should not leave it partially opened as this may cause damage).
  • Easy to Install – You do not need tools to disassemble the unit. The unit can be flush mounted.
  • Remove Bug Screen – You can remove the vent screen from the inside. This is necessary when replacing or cleaning the screen. I have dealt with a fan that did not allow me to remove the screen before and I know how hectic it is. This is because bugs, debris, and leaves can easily get trapped up there.
  • Control Options – You have the freedom to control this vent fan using either the manual or remote controls. Also, you can set the fan to rotate both ways (exhaust and intake). It comes with a slick remote that has an LCD screen. This offers you an opportunity to know what is going on with the vent fan.


  • Excellent stability
  • Nice LCD display
  • Integrated cover
  • Cons
  • Relatively noisy

Maxxair MAXXFAN Deluxe


Best Battery Powered RV Vent Fan

Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vent, Model 7350

This RV vent fan from Domestic is durable, compact, and lightweight. The unique thing about this fan is that it seals tight even when not in use. The powerful 12 –inch blade fan moves air out and into your trailer.

2 AA batteries power it. These batteries are included, and they are also readily available locally. You will equally love this unit becomes of its energy-saving features and quiet operation.

Many things made me fall in love with this model. Whenever you are outdoors, you need something that is reliable and provides the much-needed functionality. For instance, it comes with a rain sensor. With this feature, the fan automatically closes when the rain starts. Also, the infrared remote control means you can enjoy hands-free operation.

During installation, you have to figure whether to wire it directly to the battery or wire through the ignition. I recommend wiring it through the battery. In this way, you can operate it without having to turn the ignition on.

Key Features

  • High-Performance Rotary Fan – Without the rotary fan that you can integrate through the roof window, this unit would not get the much credit it has. Use the remote to set the desired temperature and the motor will start and stop automatically.
  • Variable Speed – The vent has automatic variable speeds and manual, fixed speeds to allow air to move freely as you want. The simple reverse switch can easily change the fan direction. In this way, it can draw air in and out of your vehicle.
  • Temperature Regulation – This RV vent fan is designed for ample comfort at your convenience. The built-in thermostat maintains your desired temperature.


  • Easy to install
  • Three-speed fan
  • Hands-free operation
  • Sturdy base


  • Infrared remote (you need to be closer for it to work smoothly)

Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vent


Best Budget RV Roof Vent Fan

Fan-Tastic Vent 801200 RV Roof Vent

This is another worth mention thanks to its stellar performance. The unit is crafted mainly from ABS plastic. The main selling point of this unit is its durability. As you probably know, ABS plastic is widely used in the manufacture of LEGOs and vehicle bodies.

Simply put, this fan is built to last. With over 920 CFM, no unit in this list surpasses it. However, there are some tradeoffs when it comes to the remote control, thermostat, and rain sensor. Well, those are some of the things that make it budget-friendly.

Key Features

  • Three-Speed Fan – As noted above, this is an important feature that delivers fantastic ventilation. This rotary fan has three blade speeds; high, medium, and low.
  • Quiet Operation – Clean and fresh air in, stale and warm air out in a matter of minutes without generating a lot of noise
  • Easy to Use – This unit can fit the standard 14 x 14-inch vents. The high profile base is necessary for added safety. Also, the smoke dome shape is an innovative design feature that makes it easy to use and fit.

The installation process for this unit is quite easy. You can test this fan before installation by touching the wires. If it lights the socket, it is fine.

If you have pets or animals in your RV, this is the best vent fan to get. This is because of the quiet operation and the rain sensor. The Maxxair MAXXFAN Deluxe does not have a rain sensor. However, with the rain cover, there is no need of having a sensor. You do not want your pets to get stuck inside your trailer without adequate air circulation.

It is advisable to install a vent cover over the fun. This is important as it allows you to keep the window open and your fan functioning when it is still raining outside. Again, you can avoid this expense if you go with the Maxxair MAXXFAN Deluxe. In any case, the vent covers are not aesthetically pleasing.


  • Minimal noise
  • Substantial air flow
  • Tough material for excellent durability
  • Cons
  • Not energy-efficient (fortunately, you can connect it to the solar panels).

Fan-Tastic Vent 801200 RV Roof Vent


Do RV Roof Vents Make a Difference?

Skylights and roof vents are massive sources of heat. Also, any vent can be a source of dust just like windows. It is quite rare to find outside air that is cooler than the inside air, where you can just open the windows and let in some fresh air inside.

Thus, a roof vent fan can provide all the difference you need. It can expel the hot air, dust, smells, and moisture from the RV to the outside. In turn, it lets in cool, fresh air. This is what you need to enjoy a healthy, comfortable stay in your RV. For instance, if you are asthmatic or allergic to dust, you need a system that can provide fresh air inside your motorhome.

How Do RV Vent Fans Work?

A medium-sized trailer or motorhome is just a small version of your home. You can cook, sleep, bathe, and even cook there. Thus, it is your home on the move. For these reasons, you want to keep fresh air flowing. Windows are meant for this, but times they can be used are limited. For instance, when driving on the highway, you cannot open the windows, as the high-speed wind can tear your things apart.

Roof venting provides improved airflow when your RV is parked or cruising down the road. With the right accessories, the vents can remain open during foul weather. The vents do what the name implies – providing adequate ventilation. You can find the latest roof vents that open automatically. The screen covers prevent bugs and curious animals from getting their way into the motorhome. The simple fan keeps the air flowing.

How Do You Install Roof Vents and Covers?

Are you thinking about installing roof vents in your camper or RV? Can you cut the required 14-inch hole in the roof? Can you make a uniform, square hole? What if it is not straight? What if it is too large? Also, What if you destroy the roof of your RV or even cut through existing wires? Damaging the roof of your RV can allow rainwater to pass through.

Unless you are an expert at DIY tasks, installing vent fans should be left to experts. I think it is advisable to hire a licensed trailer and RV repair facility to do the work. They can install the roof vent without any problems.

However, if you want to replace the existing vent, the task will be considerably easier. In fact, you can tackle it yourself. It is vital to be accurate with measurements. Also, you may need to pay attention to the manner in which the original vent was installed.

Fortunately, all the above-reviewed vent fans come with the manufacturer’s instructions. If you follow them, you will not encounter any problems. When I do the installation, I always seal the roof with caulk to ensure it is watertight. If you to spend some additional time to ensure that the vent fan is installed correctly and sealed this will save you money, time, and repair bills as a result of possible water damage in the future.

If you buy Fan-Tastic Vent 801200 RV Roof Vent or Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vent, Model 7350 or another model that does not have an integrated cover, you will need to install the cover. Fortunately, installing the vent covers is comparatively easy. Remember that you need the covers to ensure the vents stay open during harsh weather.

A good cover will surround the opening and provide adequate coverage on the sides, top, and the edge. You need to be careful when installing the cover to allow free flow of air. Most cover kits require that you drill openings that anchor the cover in place. Ensure you stick with the manufacturer’s instructions when sealing the holes.

Best Vent Covers for RVs

If you decide to go with vent fans that do not come with a cover such as Fan-Tastic models, you should get the right covers. If you do not choose Maxxair MAXXFAN Deluxe for one or two reasons, then you need a cover.

Is a cover necessary? You want to keep the vent open even when it is raining. However, Fan-Tastic models provide zero protection from rainwater. Instead, they protect themselves as they go off thanks to the sensor. When it rains, you will have to deal with water damage problems. I have read several horror stories from RV owners who did not install vent covers.

Also, when it rains, it does not mean you do not need ventilation. The following are some of the vent covers we recommend.

Maxxair 503.15 White Vent Cover

You can mount this cover on most 14 inch x14 inch roof vents. One of the things I like about this cover is that it has a zero-leak mounting system. With this, there is no need to drill holes in the RV, trailer, or motorhome. You just put it there, and it works.

It features angled louvers that allow odors, stale air, and smoke to escape. Besides, the removable bug screen ensures your system keeps out debris and insects. It is not recommended using this cover with powerful vent fans as the dominant wind may damage it.

Also, the sleek, aerodynamic design is necessary as it reduces wind resistance.


Maxxair 503.15 White Vent Cover

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Camco Roof Vent Cover

This is another great RV roof vent cover that is popular among RV owners. Its innovative design allows for fresh air circulation and light into the facility whether it is raining or not. Just like Maxxair 503.15 White Vent Cover, it has an aerodynamic design. You just need to mount it on the 14-inch x 14-inch roof vent.

Camco has been around for over 7 decades. Founded in 1966 with a single employee it has grown to manufacture over 3000 products and has several manufacturing facilities across the country. The company is well-known for superior service, customer satisfaction, quality products, and competitive pricing. They have a knowledgeable, friendly staff that can help you at any time.

You will find it more durable as compared to other vent covers on the market. For instance, it is made of rugged UV stabilized resin. The removable louvers allow easy cleaning and maintenance. It comes with all the hardware required for mounting.

To install this cover, you require a pencil, screwdriver, crescent wrench and drill with 3/16 inch drill pit. You should follow the installation instructions from the manufacturer.

Camco Roof Vent Cover

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After reading this guide, I hope that you can now make a sound decision on which RV roof vent fan that can suit your situation. As demonstrated above, there are no two vent fans that are created equal. Thus, understanding the perks of every product is necessary to help you get the right fan for your RV, motorhome, or trailer. If you have tried another product and you have some information to share, or you have questions or suggestions, kindly leave comments. We wish you all the best as you enjoy your camping endeavors.

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