Top 10 Best Electric Razor for Women 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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We can all agree that shaving is a sensitive part of our usual life routine, mostly when it comes to the female gender.

So, what is the topmost concern for women when it comes to shaving?

Most people would prefer a straightforward process of hair removal that is quick, less painful and with perfect results.

Waxing can be relatively painful. This leaves you no choice but to consider other methods like the best electric razors for women. These electricity powered razors for women give a gentler shaving feeling as compared to conventional blades. They can also cut hairs to desired levels minus causing damage to sensitive skin.

This review looks at the leading electric razors for women in the market and narrows down to the best ten. It’s important to read some of this tips and hacks so that you can discover the one that suits you best, whether you are trying to purchase for the first time or you have used this razors in the past.

These are the Best Electric Razors for Women

Image Product
Panasonic ES2216PC
  • Wet/Dry shaving convenience
  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades
  • Flexible pivoting heads electric shaver and trimmer
  • Sharp shaving blades
  • 100 percent washable shaver
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Braun Silk Epil
  • 40 percent wider epilation head removes more hair in one stroke
  • Braun’s most innovative MicroGrip tweezer technology
  • 100% waterproof for comfortable use
  • Comes with 7 extras
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Panasonic ES2207P
  • Wet/Dry shaving convenience
  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades
  • Flexible pivoting heads electric shaver and trimmer
  • Sharp shaving blades
  • 100 percent washable shaver
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Remington WDF4840
  • Flex dual sided trimmer
  • Hypoallergenic foils and trimmers
  • Smooth glide technology
  • 100 percent waterproof
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Philips SatinShave
  • Hypoallergenic blades under luxurious protective foils
  • Gel or foam for extra skin protection in the shower
  • designed for shaving sensitive skin and areas
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable shave
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Top 10 Best Electric Razors for Women in 2020

#1. Panasonic ES2216PC: Best Electric Razor for Women

Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet-DryCLICK HERE FOR PRICE →

Reasonably light and portable this electric razor is the best for women who continuously travel. It is cordless and multipurpose acting as shaver and pop-up trimmer in most cases. I can consider it one of the best in the market today.

This wet and dry shaver will act as snap on trimmer for your bikini giving you a well-maintained bikini line.

The blades are hypoallergenic to prevent skin irritation or burns frequently caused by blades. Its gliding head follows contours on your skin to bring out a perfectly clean shave. These blades are also pivoted and positioned in a way to get any errant hairs on your body even on hard reach places.

The shaving operation is cordless and with its ergonomic design to allow firm grip ensuring ease when using this shaver.


  • Cordless operation
  • Light and compact
  • Long battery life


  • It’s costly compared to other shavers

#2. Braun Silk Epil Women’s Electric Shaver

Braun silk epil lady razorCLICK HERE FOR PRICE →

This model is not a shaver but an epilator. This means that its blades are not designed for the sole purpose of shaving but to pull hairs from their roots. The head of this product is noticeably large to cover broad surfaces, and it is also pivoted to give room for razors to glide through body curves. It removes hairs and can keep you bald for up to four weeks.

It’s equipped with a micro-grip tweezer hair removal technology to remove even the tiniest of hairs.

This product comes with a lot of extra features which include; a trimmer cap remove any hairs that pop up when you wear a bikini, massage cap, face brush that removes makeup and exfoliates the skin, and a bright light to show you tinny hairs.

Its battery life lasts up to 40 minutes.


  • Long battery life
  • Keeps you smooth for long
  • Exfoliates your face
  • Bikini line trimmer


  • A bit expensive

#3. Panasonic ES2207P: Best Budget Electric Razor for Women

Panasonic ES2207P - best electric razor for ladies


On top of our list best electric razors for women is this Panasonic ES2207P. This shaver can be used on dry or wet skin. It has three blades positioned well so that it enhances a clean shave with just one stroke regardless of the angles and height of the hairs. This makes it easy for amateurs and even more comfortable for seasoned pros to use.

With its three autonomous heads, it smoothly glides on your skin without breaking contact following the curves of the body.

To the women who like to rock bikinis, it’s equipped with a pop-up trimmer to cut any hairs that pop out despite their position.

Its sharp stainless steel blades are resilient and also hypoallergenic with a protective foil that inhibits skin irritation.

When fully charged it can last up to thirty minutes of shaving and can also be directly plugged to electricity sources for more extended shaving periods.

It also comes with a cleaning brush to keep the razors in shape and clean and a pouch to pack it in case you are traveling.


  • Wet and dry shaving razor
  • Strong, durable blades
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Prevents skin irritation
  • Easy to use
  • Pop-up trimmer


  • Low battery life

#4. Remington WDF4840 Women’s Electric Shaver

Remington WDF4840 electric shaverCLICK HERE FOR PRICE →

It is cordless to mean you can use it wherever at your convenience this can also be an advantage as you can reach all parts that need shaving with much ease and minimum strain.

It has a relatively narrow handle which is easy to hold firmly and with an ergonomic design. This model is less weighty compared to others and manufacturers produce it in only one color.

It is designed to give you a smooth, refined shave with no afterward irritation of the skin.

Additional heads are given to shave specific areas in your body like bikini lines.

This model can be used in the shower thanks to its waterproof case by and its battery life can last up to 30 minutes.


  • Waterproof (can be used in the shower)
  • Various heads to shave specific areas
  • Longer battery life
  • Less weight
  • Firm grip


  • Comes in one color
  • Its weight makes it less resilient compared to others

#5. Philips SatinShave Prestige Women’s Electric Razor

Philips SatinShave Prestige Women's Electric shaver


This is a great model for both girls and women who want fast and smooth shaves for legs and underarm. Robust and ergonomic it’s considered great for traveling. It can be used in both dry and wet environments.

Its blades are hypoallergenic preventing the skin from rashes, irritation and razor burns. This model is great for traveling because it is cordless and uses two AA batteries.

It comes with the following extra features; a travel cap for safer storage during journeys, brush to clean its razors for better performance and a grip handle to ensure no slipping when using it in the shower.


  • Functions in wet and dry environments
  • Affordable
  • Sensitive to skin


  • Limits to shaving legs and underarms

 #6. Surpent Women Electric Shaver

Surpent Lady Electric ShaverCLICK HERE FOR PRICE →

This model is amongst the excellent sellers in the market and preferred beautifying instrument for ladies. It has a USB 2.0 fast charge making it a great electric razor for traveling.

It has a 0.5mm dentate trimming edge with many functions. This blade cuts long hair while the 0.5mm pitch is for a dry shave. The curved razor gives a smooth cut giving the skin no irritation at all. The blades are of stainless steel to keep them sharp and durable.


  • Fast charging
  • Waterproof (making cleaning it easy and also shaving in wet areas)
  • Strong and durable blades
  • Affordable
  • Sensitive to skin


  • Does not have grip making handling it in wet areas difficult.

#7. Lavany Women’s Electric Rechargeable Shaver

Lavany Women's Electric Razor Rechargeable ShaverCLICK HERE FOR PRICE →

This is the perfect bathroom razor that ensures your shaving is quick and easy. Multipurpose and easy to handle this electric shaver for ladies will give your legs and underarms a smooth and clean feel.

This blade can be used in both wet and dry areas. It is equipped with two blades which perform different functions. The straight razor is to shave your legs and underarms while the curved one ensures that tinny hairs in hard to reach parts are cut too. Both blades can also act as pop-up trimmers for bikini lines.

It has a flexible head which ensures a close and clean shave by gliding through the curves of the body.

It comes with a charging stand and it has a long battery life that can last up to one hour.

Its built-in light helps to identify tinny hairs that may not have been shaved during the first stroke.

It comes with a cleaning brush which helps to maintain its blades.

It’s perfectly designed for a comfortable grip.


  • Wet and dry shaving razor
  • Multi-flex head to shave hard to reach areas
  • Long battery life
  • 12 months guarantee


  • Does not have hypoallergenic to prevent skin irritation

#8. Remington WDF5030A Women’s Electric Foil Shaver


This electric razor is designed with a unique open blade that permits shaving from different angles. It’s fitted with four blades that are hypoallergenic to allow smooth shaving to sensitive skin. These blades are double sided to allow shaving of both long and short hair. It also has an almond strip that nourishes sensitive skin to prevent irritation.

The blades are also antimicrobial meaning bacteria cannot accumulate on them. The head to this model is positioned at an angle that will allow the blades to glide smoothly for a comfortable shave.

It has a battery life of 20 minutes when fully charged.


  • An antimicrobial additive that keeps the blades safe
  • Good choice for sensitive skin


  • It’s costly
  • Low battery life

#9. Sminiker Professional Womens Electric Razor 4 in 1 Ladies Electric Shaver

Professional Womens Electric RazorCLICK HERE FOR PRICE →

The razor is an extremely multipurpose electric razor that is used to shave legs, underarms and also add up as a pop-up trimmer for all bikini lovers. Fast and accurate this is a well ranked electric shaver in the market.

This shaver operates in both dry and wet environments .it is accurate and efficient and can last up to 70 minutes when fully charge. Well designed to glide through the contours of your skin to give a smooth and clean shave.

It has an IPX7 body and an IPX4 charger, and both are waterproof.

It also comes with a facial brush for cleaning your face.


  • Long battery life
  • Light and compact
  • Pop up trimmer


  • It takes up to 8 hours to fully charge

#10. Fisun Lady Shaver

best women's electric shaver 2020This is the most portable electric shaver on the market. It is light and compact with a 4000mAh rechargeable battery. Its battery life is crazy as it can last up to 2 hours when fully charged.

Equipped with 3 in 1 flexible trimmer system it can cut hair from legs and underarms plus it acts as a trimmer of hair that pops up the bikini line.

It can be used when taking a shower and it is easily washable as you just run tap water through its blades. This product comes with a protective cap that prevents damage to the shaving foil area.

It is fitted with the lighting system to help indicate the level of power and if the device is charging.

The blades are pivoted in a way to give you a smooth shave with zero nicks or scratches to sensitive skin.


  • Battery life is long of up to 2 hours
  • Durable
  • Flexible to allow shaving of different areas


  • Not hypoallergenic as compared to most shavers

Best Electric Razors for Women 2020 Buying Guide

Electric shavers are essential grooming tool for ladies. In this market that is filled with various models both good and bad, it can be an uphill task trying to find the one that suits you properly giving you the needed results. Here are some of the aspects that you will need to consider when buying an electric razor.


An electric razor that is compact is always the best to choose. This prevents the unnecessary breakdown of the device.

Effects on the Skin An excellent electric razor should be gentle on the skin. Its blades should contain components like hypoallergenic that prevent irritation of the skin and razor burns.

The razors should be well pivoted to avoid causing scratches on the skin.

Battery Life

Battery life is an essential aspect to take into consideration when buying electric razors. Long battery life will give you long hours of shaving. This is an important feature to find especially if you are always traveling.


Before purchasing this device, one should first get to know the functions of the razor and various areas that it can shave. This is because different models are built to cut different regions though most of them are multipurpose they sure can’t cover all the areas needed to be shaved.

Dry or wet

It points to the condition in which one should use the electric razors. Some razors are used during showering (wet) while others are used after showering (dry) though in some models it is possible to use in both conditions.


Because shaving needs sharp equipment, stainless steel blades are the best. This blade stays sharp for a long time and is not prone to rust when exposed to moist areas.

Model brands

Brands are important in this field because well-established brands tend to make quality and durable products compared to rising brands.

 Ease to use

Though many of these products come with user manual, we can all agree that they are not of much help. Thus, manufacturers should structure this device in a way that makes it easy for consumers to operate.

Our Recommendation

Selecting any of the reviewed electric women razors will unquestionably give you a precise, smooth shave without any irritation to the skin. However, we highly recommend Panasonic ES2207P electric razor as it is, affordable, Hypoallergenic, Prevents skin irritation, Easy to use, Strong, durable blade and has Pop-up trimmer. However, if you can afford the slightly expensive Braun silk epil lady razor, then it can also make a perfect choice too.


As a lady, a clean, smooth shave adds a little confidence to your

Personality, to achieve this then you are required to take a step and choose carefully for the best electric razor for women in the market taking to detail every aspect.