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Black Bear Hunting Tips for 2020

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Undeniably, hunting a bear is a risky business at times. To have a great hunting trip, you need to understand exactly what you require as it will make the difference. For instance, the right gear, as well as the right skills and know-how are always significant. You need to have the best rechargeable flashlight and trekking watch. If the weather is not good, you should carry your rain jacket.

Successful hunting is always measured when you come out with something that you went out to hunt. Therefore, you need to have some tricks to make your bear hunt enjoyable. Basically, bear hunting is all about luring the bear to your target zone. You can do this by baiting them perfectly all thanks to their powerful sense of smell.

Gear Recommendations

Some gear is recommended which you might even think that it is not essential. For example, a deer can smell a bug repelling unit while bear hunting may be ideal to take one with you.

The rangefinder will also prove to be essential as you’ll have the opportunity to watch a bear as it wonders closer to your bait making it even more enjoyable. Also, a safety harness is another thing to be considered to ensure that you don’t fall off your stand.

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Know Your Bear

You should be well aware of the black bears to the later. Understand every information about the black bears in the area by possibly watching them more often through trail cameras and 17hmr scope by spending more time in the stands to just scout them out.

Studying black bears on every angle will help you to understand their routine. For instance, you can know where they hang out mostly when eating as well as learning the kind of bear you’ll face personality-wise. You may discover that aggressive and more dominant bears get out in the open often, but those are the ones that are hard to take down. Besides, that is fun for a true hunter-having the feeling of being a hero taking down something hard.

Time and Schedule

You won’t get up any day of the year and decide to go out for black bear hunting. Reason being bears usually hibernate mostly during winter, and therefore you’ve to be aware of the best time of the year as well as day. Some places may have the bears all season to mean you’ll have to be at the top of your knowledge to get the hunting permits.

Also, it’s always better to get to your stand early and take a watch on the bears. It doesn’t mean that they’re early, but you need to be in place before they’re out and avoid coming head-to-head with one when not prepared to take it down.

The Stand

Hunting means that your enemy doesn’t recognize you when you’re about to strike. Black bear hunting requires a stand to keep you hidden from not all the bears but also all sorts of animals. Your stand should be as comfortable as possible as you’ll sit there possibly for hours as you wait for your bears to walk towards your target. You can also use a camping table.

The Kind of Bait

All that you’re required to do is to work out nicely the ethics of your situation and then to figure out the best bait that works best. Good bait will get your bear from hiding, and hence it should be of a strong odor. In case you don’t want to use bait, trail cameras can significantly help you to monitor the place that they regularly go feeding.

Control Your Smell

Having a shower, we all agree gets the smell out that your family and friends can smell. However, you can’t fool any bear. Therefore, use products that’ll mask your scent as you walk around your bait. Scent control detergents can be used on the clothes. Consider also where to urinate, smoke as well as the food to eat.

Black bear hunting can be risky especially if you come head-on with a bear not prepared. As you know, black bear can be aggressive. Therefore, you should get yourself ready in case such situations arise. Thus, you should have the right gear and get some extras like pepper spray. Also, you’ll always have to be still and have a plan. With the right tips and equipment, black bear hunting is always fun.

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