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Camping Essentials You Cannot Leave Home Without

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Is there any other better way to get outside with family and friends than camping? However, you’ll not get the best experience out there if you’re not prepared yourself with the right gadgets. The best camping experience starts right from home before setting off.

A camping store has got a vast array of supplies that might get you bamboozled the moment you step in it to pick some of them. You may be carried away and end up wasting money on gadgets nice to have but not imperative when it comes to a camping trip. Whether you’re a beginner or not, here are the essential camping gears you must have.

Good Quality Tent

If you get it wrong right from the quality of the tent, camping won’t be fun because being wet and cramped in your tent isn’t fun. First, be sure of the number of persons to fit in the tent before purchasing, ease of use as well as setting up, where to use it and the conditions it will be subjected to perform under. It should be waterproof for keeping you dry all the time.

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First Aid Kit

It shouldn’t be like a surprise that you require a first aid kit while you go out camping. A first aid kit is essential to carry along and should be well stocked. Also, it must be up to date including items like insect repellent as well as a lot of Band-Aids especially if you have kids along with you. Pressure immobilization bandages should as well be in place to get covered against snakes.


The wilderness can be as dark as you may never think especially in the early stages of your camping. Therefore, you should carefully think of the kind of lighting to take along with you and how to power it up. LED lights, gas-powered lights or battery operated flashlights are all good options. Also, a headlamp is better to have all together. However, if you have the best camping lantern, you are set to go.

Sleeping Pads and Sleeping Bags

Camping doesn’t mean you won’t sleep and hence you should carry with you the best sleeping bag or sleeping pads. They help to keep yourself warm during those cold nights. In addition, they transform your outdoor experience similar to that at your bedroom back at home.

Maps and Compass

The last thing you may want to happen to you is getting lost in the wilderness or failing to locate your campsite. Your phone GPS may help, but sometimes you may fail to get a signal especially in those remote spots. Therefore, for your navigation purposes, a map and compass will prove to be essential, and you need to have them packed.

Pocket Knife

Another essential camping gear is a pocket knife. Importantly, they do not take any great space in your bag but will surely perform work efficiently in their compact size. The Swiss army knife, for instance, is the best as it’s a multi-tool and very sharp. If you do not have one, remember to carry your best tactical pen with you.

Reliable Cooking Device

There are several methods that you can choose for cooking but make sure the one you want is a reliable one. An excellent classic stove is always dependable which is a usually a 2-burner stove for camping. One that is easy to set up and use is the best option.

Camping Table

A camping table is as well crucial to have to avoid eating from the ground. A simple, foldable, inexpensive and easy to set up is always the best choice. Some can call it a luxury item, but it saves some equipment from dirt. Chairs around it are also helpful too, and hence you can as well get them packed.

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Portable Charger

Regardless of electricity being nearby your campsite, it’s always advisable to have a portable charger alongside. It will act as a backup in case you have a blackout.

A Water Filter

Water is a basic need and what you may have in the wilderness may not be safe for you to drink and hence the need to have an emergency water filter. If you do not have one, you can carry your best whole house water filters. It will help you to prevent yourself from being dehydrated and any other sickness that might result due to undrinkable water in the wilderness.

We can all agree that camping is an experience that everyone wants, but then we can’t ignore the truth either that without better preparation, camping can turn out to be the worst experience. However, with the essentials in the article, you will be assured of a decent camping experience.