Cub Cadet ST 100 Review – Is It the Best Walk-Behind String Trimmer?

If you are looking for a walk-behind string trimmer, then cub cadet st 100 is simply one of the best. With this trimmer, you can trim fence lines, various obstacles, and posts without issues. It is designed for heavy-duty trimming. Within a few minutes, you can kill overgrown weeds by pushing it through them.

It does not matter whether you are trimming in the toughest conditions, the cub cadet st 100 has what it takes to make the challenging you are facing an easy one. The fact that it has 22-inch cutting swath means you can rip easily through tall weeds and grass like the way you mow the front lawn.

cub cadet st 100

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Cub Cadet String Trimmer Features

Exceptional Handling

It has 14-inch ball-bearing wheels that can smooth out uneven terrain and offer you remarkable maneuverability. Having an offset head design will let you cut easily around corners and obstacles.

Simple Height Adjustment

You have the freedom to adjust the cutting height so as to meet your needs. For instance, you can lower it when trimming along fences, retaining structures, and walls. On the other hand, you can increase the height if you are dealing with long, thick weeds.

Offset Deck

This is an important feature that allows you to trim against fence lines and walls while walking a straight line.

Powerful Performance

This string trimmer is powered by Cub Cadet auto-choke engine. With this, you can tackle tough weeds without worrying about clogging. That is the benefit of owning a Cub Cadet.

Safety Precautions When using Walk-behind String Trimmers

Ensure you put on sturdy, close-fitting shirts and slacks and rough-soled work shoes. For clothes, ensure they are loose-fitting. Avoid putting on jewelry as it can be caught in the moving parts. You should never operate this machine in sandals or bare feet.

Before you start the engine, ensure you have disengaged clutch levers and shift in neutral before you start the engine. At no time you should leave the engine running unattended. Do not attempt to make adjustments when the engine is running, except when it is recommended. To avoid property damage or personal injury, use extreme care to handle gasoline. You should note that gasoline is quite explosive and extremely flammable.


The cub cadet st 100 is a top machine that is well-designed and easy to repair. In fact, it is one of the best walk-behind string trimmers you can get.

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