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How to Camp With a Dog in 2020

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A dog is an essential part of a family, and for many, their vacation won’t be complete if their pet isn’t around. Perhaps, your dog may not be there with you for all your vacation types, but camping is one which your dog certainly won’t miss.

However, there’s a big difference camping with this four-legged friend than when camping with your other partner. Therefore, it requires you to have some additional tips which will help you to camp comfortably with your dog so that at the end of it all; both of you have fun. For successful camping with a dog, you need to prepare. Failure to do so will create drama. Here are tips to help you have fun with your dog while camping.

The Right Campsite

The moment you decide that you’ll be camping with your furry companion, the first with should be finding the best campsite which is pet-friendly. It may sound normal that most campgrounds allow families to camp with their pets, but then you should always make sure you confirm it before setting out to avoid disappointments.

Visit the Veterinarian

Now that you have a campsite that is pet-friendly, the next thing is to ensure that your four-legged companion is healthy as well as up-to-date regarding vaccinations when traveling. Visit a vet to ensure your dog is healthy and ready for a trip. Ask for preventative medications for ticks, fleas, and heartworms as well as keep the vaccine record.

Also, pack a first aid kit that is pet-specific bought from a pet store or assembled merely by you. A first aid kit will be helpful in emergencies.

Get the Documents in Order

Your dog will also require a license which you should make sure is up to date. Also, the ID tags should be updated just in case anything happens while camping. For instance, your dog can get lost.

Get the Dog Ready

Your dog may be well trained already, or you need to teach it to be ready for the trip. You’ll have to reinforce its obedience by rewarding with treats every time it obeys. For instance, some commands such as stop, leave it, come, stay, and relax should be well mastered.

If you have to travel for long distances or even walking more often, you need to build the dog’s endurance before the big day. Take long rides and walks for it to get accustomed. You can as well set a tent in the backyard and spend some time with your dog and include things that you’ll take along for your dog to get used to them from the start.

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Pack the Right Stuff

The idea when packing is not about filling your car with camping stuff, but it’s about packing only essential stuff. For instance, you need a camping lantern and a camping table. You should pack light giving preference for emergency items as well as basic dog needs.

Some things are significant to take along such as a tent, plenty of water with a dedicated water bottle for the dog, sleeping pad, regular food for the dog which it has used to eat at home. Also, pack a leash and muzzle (you’ll need to keep control of your dog in unforeseen circumstances even if it behaves anyway).

This is the section that will determine the success of your trip as you need to pack all camping essentials. You should include something soft for your dog to sleep on.

Handle Your Dog Perfectly Onsite

Your campground may have some rules which you’ll have to be aware of and follow them all to the later. Some can be like disposing of your dog poop and the leash as well as off-leash zones. It is a good idea to get the best wireless dog fence with you. Always keep the dog in sight, and if the campsite is crowded, you should be respectful to the other guests. For example, some people may feel threatened by your dog.

Have Fun!

There’s no better way of getting away from everything than camping with your buddy. Now that you’ve everything in place enjoy your time together explore new territories and never forget to take photos. After your first camping experience with your dog one thing for sure, you’ll always want your camping to include your dog. Pack right and have a camping experience like no other.