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How to Make Your Home Safe

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You know to lock your door, don’t you? Also, we all know to shut the windows, look well through the peephole always before opening our front doors. But is that enough to keep your home safe? The truth is you feel safe when you do those things. However, there are several ways in which you can make your home safer.

Some individuals are lucky that they have never had instances of break-ins, and maybe you’re one of them, but that doesn’t mean you make it easy for the criminals who are always interested in breaking into homes. Eliminating the opportunity is the first step to preventing a home crime. Here are ways to make your home safer and sound.

Setting a Security System

Having some security system in your home ensures that you’re at least secure even when away from home. You can install a DIY security system, the best driveway alarm, or you can opt for professional monitoring or home automation. Choose a system that you’re comfortable with and within your budget as well as taking into consideration the needs of your house and those of your neighborhood.


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Let There Be Light

One thing is for sure, burglars, vandals, and other criminals will never like it being in the spotlight. Therefore, keep these folks at bay by ensuring that you have ample outdoor lighting. You can also install bowfishing lights. Light your front and back yards as well as the pathways. That way, you’ll keep intruders away and also avoid stumbling yourself towards the front steps.

Lock the Doors and Windows

The last thing you’ll want is helping an intruder stroll into your house through your front door. Always ensure the doors and windows are securely locked and also make sure that the door frames are solid and the window hinges protected. To stay on top, you can install a deadbolt, upgrade to the smart locks, add some strike locks and also add a video doorbell.

Empty Your Mailbox

Thieves look for any evidence possible to understand that you’re not at home. Perhaps, when you’re not at home, it’s their best time to get away with it. An overflowing mailbox is one way they will learn about your absence. Therefore, make it harder for them by asking a neighbor or friend to empty it for you as well as clear your porch of fliers and the door hangers.

Use Timers to Confuse Them

Burglars don’t just wake up any day and decide to walk into any house for their business. However, they as well do their research by monitoring your daily routines and whenever those routines come to a stand, bingo!! Therefore, set timers to turn on your TV, radio as well lights to fool burglars that you’re still at home. Also, your gun safe must have an alert system. A backup generator will help to ensure that you timers still work in case the electricity breaks.

Keep Your Plans to Yourself

Social media is good but not to some who use it to monitor your progress. It can be tempting to post your upcoming trip or your status while on vacation on Facebook but remember you’ll be telling potential intruders that you’re not at home.

Know Your Neighbors and Walk Around

As far as home safety is concerned, knowing your neighbors is a good idea. A friendly neighbor will keep an eye while you’re away or even still when at home. Also, be aware and mindful of the surrounding and be updated of all changes to the surrounding. New people walking or driving around aimlessly should be pointed out and hence take notice.

Trim the Entrances and Walkways

Giving thieves options to hide before they break in should not be an option. Make sure you eliminate all the options for hiding like entrances and walkways. You can go ahead and plant some thorny shrubs by the windows to not only make it difficult for burglars but also painful.

Assuming that you have a dog already, there’re several ways to make your home safe. However, if you don’t have a wall, you should consider putting it in place as it is the first in your line of defense. Safety to your family and belongings should always come first. Therefore, you have to take all these things seriously and stay safe.