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Most Useful Night Fishing Tips

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It’s not rocket science understanding why fishing after the sun goes down with the main reason being having a massive catch with little effort. Fishing at night is also comfortable than when you decide to do it during the day. Nevertheless, lure fishing when the sun goes down is hugely productive and a lot of fun at the same time.

Most fish are super active at night with some using the cover of the dark for stealth as well as an element of surprise. Others move during this time of the day without fear of predators which all the same make fishing at night the best. Get your LED lantern ready for a massive catch. Therefore, a few fishing tips at night for you will highly be of help as you plan to get into the waters.

Night Fishing Tips

A Day with the Best Weather Forecast

First of all, you should pick a day when the weather forecast is absolutely good. Reason being, in the dark it’s very difficult and tough moving around as well as finding your things. Furthermore, severe weather will only make it worse for you as it’s dangerous.

Ensure the Boat and Engine is in Best Working Order

You can agree that breaking down during the day is bad enough, but don’t even think about it happening during the night. Therefore, make sure that you go inch by inch through your boat to ensure everything is in place and secure. Also, sturdy every location of the essential items you require while fishing to reduce the chances of fumbling at the dark locating the hooks or any other equipment.

Light Sources

We’re speaking about the darkness remember. Therefore, you should be prepared with several light sources. Apart from having indirect lighting all around your boat’s underneath the gunnels or something similar to that, it’s better to have some additional flashlights. Also, you need the best bowfishing lights. They are effective in dark areas and shallow waters.

Smell is King

During the day literally fish use all their senses to locate food especially the sense of sight which becomes useless at night. At this point of the day, your type of bait can be significant. Oil sticky mix, smelly, halibut pellets, as well as high-leakage fishy boilies, tend to draw the fish.

night fishing

Select Properly the Lures

No light at night ,and, therefore, you’ll have to change your lures. Noise making lures will help the fish to locate your bait easily at night. It will be better for the lure to make some vibrations when you bump, drag or pop through the water. Spinnerbait, a Texas trick worm or top water frog make excellent baits for night water fishing.

Know Your Location of Fishing

If you’re not well aware of the water that you’re going out at night to fish, you’ll need to survey during the day to familiarize with the place thoroughly to avoid difficulties during the night. By so doing, you’ll be able to locate the rocks, undercut banks, deep water or any other hazards present as well as spotting fish pools that you can come back later at night to get. It is a good idea to have the best fish finders to help you locate fish.

Prepare for the Cold Dawns

Nights are not friendly as there is no sunlight to warm you up. Therefore, you should be well prepared to counter the cold nights, especially at dawn when it tends to be the coldest that’s if you plan to spend the whole night fishing. Carry waterproof salopettes as well as a jacket and a hat to keep you warm. You can as well carry food or hot drinks for long sessions to warm the body.

Be More Safety Conscious

It can be a problem to land and unhook fish on lures having multiple hooks especially at night hence you should at least do that while seated. It is essential to be careful not to lose balance and fall off the boat as in daylight you can see possible collisions which at night you can’t. Therefore, keep your boat tidy and avoid standing with several things underfoot like hooked lures. Also, you can go fishing at night in pairs to increase security just in case of anything.

If you approach it right, night fishing is indeed incredible. One major thing is that fish doesn’t need to see you. Therefore, all that is significant is for you to be well prepared and when the sun rises you’ll have a smiling face back home with a catch like no other.