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The Top Benefits of Kayaking

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As time goes by, kayaking is becoming even more popular thanks to a variety of proven benefits, and hence, very easy to understand why most individuals are taking it seriously every day. Do you want to get into the water? Grab your best kayak finder and explore.

Kayaking will undoubtedly make you feel utterly in harmony with the waters. Did your doctor hint to you that you need to exercise more to improve your health? There is a universal agreement that kayaking is a great leisure activity nowadays. But what makes it so beneficial? Here are some of the most important benefits of kayaking that will make you feel like getting into the water right after you finish reading this piece.

Physical Health Benefits

Weight Loss

Kayaking as a physical activity will undoubtedly aid in your loss of weight. Basically, you’re not going to sit there and feel the kayak move instead you’ll have to do some extra work of padding. It is said that during that process of paddling you burn about 400 calories per hour at approximately 5mph. Long hours means you’ll be able to burn several calories which will equally translate to weight loss.

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Improves Cardiovascular Health

While you paddle at a high pace, the heart rate as well starts to increase its rate. Paddling left, and right accelerates the heartbeat which has been proven beneficial regarding cardiovascular health. Increased heartbeat makes the heart stronger and healthy which reduce risks of heart attack and heart diseases.

Muscle Building and Toning

Unlike running and other forms of high-impact activities, kayaking is a low-impact form of exercise. It’s good actually for those individuals with bad knees and hips. However, low-impact doesn’t mean low-intensity as intensity is merely the effort put into a workout.

Kayaking helps to work the upper part of the body as well as the core when using the proper paddling technique. Also, it targets some other muscle groups such as back muscles, chest, arm, shoulders and even engaging the legs.

More Energy

According to several studies, moderate-intensity exercise such as kayaking when performed three times a week or more helps to reduce fatigue as well as improve the energy levels up to 20%.

Source of Vitamin D

Roughly around 45%-75% of the population is deficient in Vitamin D. Reason being it’s not plentiful in foods eaten on a daily basis. Good news is that the body can synthesize it by use of sunlight, which is in plenty only when you’re on the water and kayaking is the way out.

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Mental Health Benefits

Stress Reduction

Sporadic cases can beat the relaxing and enjoyable experience you can get from kayaking. Think of watching the boat move through water all by your effort leave alone watching the changing colors of the blues, the grays, the greens, and the browns. A few times a week kayaking will surely make anyone feel relaxed and better hence reducing stress.

Mental Health

Aerobic exercises release certain chemicals to the brain. The chemicals are responsible for an individual’s confidence and mood. Therefore, kayaking is the best way you can clear all the mind’s negative thoughts.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Have you ever overcome an extreme challenge? What was the feeling? Overcoming some problems such as whitewater rapids or paddling longer distances than your previous outing helps to build confidence as well as a positive self-image. Therefore, kayaking helps increase social skills as well as a sense of self and overall boosts self-satisfaction.

Social Bonding

There’s no fitness level required to get started with kayaking a reason which makes it accessible to everyone. Perhaps, it’s the best way of making new friends mostly when on vacations when you hit the water with paddle buddies. Besides, it’s safer and also sharing the fun with some other people makes it literally more fun as well as improving relationships.

There are several benefits of kayaking from mental, physical and social that you can positively get and apart from the ones in the article there are probably hundreds of others. Therefore, it only points out that kayaking is an essential exercise that everyone must not avoid. Even if you don’t have a kayak, make a decision and enjoy the benefits that come with kayaking.

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